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Freedom Pro studio Glycolic glow toner

First of all, lets excuse the awful excuse for a photo, apparently this is the best we were getting on the day, and no matter what I did, it looked just as bad! I couldn't not get this when I saw it, a glycolic glow toner on the high street to rival the Pixi version and so I decided I would put them to the test rivalling them against one another to see if this lived up to being a dupe for the much loved Pixi glow tonic.

The bottle is a tall bottle with a screw cap unveiling a stopper with a hole in the middle to allow the product to come out. I find this really easy to use. The screw lid is so secure and I am confident it wont leak if I want to travel with it. I also like that the bottle is clear and so you can see how much is left. I know you could base it on weight, but I do like to actually see how much is left rather than guessing from the weight of the product. The liquid is a orange bronze tone shade which I feel is a little bit of a replica to the orange bottle of the Pixi glow giving it a similar feel.

The product smells nice, it does have a slight chemical scent to it which is very faint and I think due to the glycolic acid, but there is a nice scent over the top which smells just like the Pixi glow tonic and is pleasant with a bit of a sweet after scent.

I put some of the product onto a cotton wool ball to saturate it enough to apply to my face. I then swept the product over my entire face after cleansing my skin and followed up with the rest of my skin care. I like the way this feels on the skin and I find it feels light on my skin and leaves the skin feeling soft and clean. I feel like this is a lovely toner that is really great for having an extra element of exfoliation in order to keep skin in its top condition.

I used this on one half of my face for a week or so with the actual pixi glow tonic on the other half of my skin, just to see a full comparison and see if either did something different, and I have to say the results were exactly the same. They both left my skin looking healthy, soft and glowing, without breaking me out of causing any other skin issues.

Overall, I really like this, and for me, I cannot tell a difference between this and the Pixi glow tonic that lots of people love. I also feel that this is much easier to get hold of, as I know the Pixi version can sell out, or be hard to track down as it is such a cult favourite. I know the ingredients are different in the two products and they aren't exactly the same, but for me, I genuinely couldn't tell the difference. At just £6 from Superdrug here, it is a third of the price of the Pixi which is £18. I definitely think this is a great dupe if you want to try out a glycolic toner and not have to spend the full price on the Pixi, or if you just want a cheaper alternative which I think is just as good! What's your favourite toner?

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