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Dove maximum protection cream deodorant

Deodorant is the least glamorous product I could wish to buy on the beauty front, and to be honest with you its the one I hate picking out most of all. I find some too 'wet' if they are the roll on, the wax stick ones are my preferred choice, and I steer clear of sprays after reading a scaremongering article, switching to wax stick versions and not looking back since my teens. After loosing my deodorant, I honestly don't know... I was using my husbands for a week or so before I got myself to town to pick a new one up. I opted for the Dove maximum protection, this is more of a cream formula and I haven't tried any like this, so I decided it was a good option.

The deodorant comes in a stick like packaging which I find so easy to use, as well as easy to store and travel with. The packaging is really sturdy and easy to hold, as well as encasing the product securely. The lid fits on easily and feels as though it wouldn't come of when travelled with. The product has a twist dial at the bottom, with instructions that 2 clicks is about the amount needed to do each under arm. I really like the packaging but I do find it can be easy to catch the dial if you aren't careful, yet this is something that isn't really an issue, just something I noticed.

I found the product really easy to use, the two click system is a great way to always know how much product you need, meaning you never use too much, The product is dispensed through a set holes punched into the plastic  guard. This limits the amount of product that comes into contact with the skin, meaning you wont end up with the cream like texture of the produce causing issues of over use.

The product is a nice creamy formula, it spreads over the underarms easily and works into the skin nicely with minimal residue being left behind. I do find my underarms have a slight residue on them for around 30 seconds to a minute after applying and so I have to be careful of my clothing as I don't want to look like I have a sweat patch. This does however dry down quickly and I don't feel I spend any longer waiting for my deodorant to settle down than I have in the past. I have also found the creamy formula has improved the condition of my underarms, while they aren't overly dry or sore they definitely feel more hydrated and the skin looks healthier and this is the only thing I have changed, so if you do have irritated or dry underarms, maybe give this one a go as a day to day deodorant.

The deodorant works really well on the skin, and since the UK has had a dramatic heat wave this past week or two it has been great to test this both in the slightly chillier weather as well as a dramatic and unexpected 25+ degree week. I find for normal use this works really well and even when it was a warmer day. I find that even when I was warmer my deodorant worked to keep me feeling not only dry, but in pure confidence that I wasn't a sweaty mess and I knew the deodorant worked I did a smell test, which I never would do but I was so pleased it worked so well and I could also tell I had stayed smelling fresh.

I will say, I tested this at the gym too, I would say it left me feeling less sweaty and uncomfortable than I usually would be, but if you are having a heavy workout and really going for it, running or lifting weights, you will still sweat. I do think it helps and makes you feel less wet and sticky, but it wont protect you from actually sweating if you are working hard or doing a lot of manual work.

The product says for maximum protection use it before bed for protection the next day, I have tested this and using it first thing in a morning. I'm not fully convinced and I think either works fine. I cannot shake the horrible fear of not applying deodorant in a morning and so I eventually ended up reapplying it in a morning anyway and went on to just use it in a morning as I usually would.

Overall, I do like the deodorant and I will continue using it, the only thing that puts me off it is the cream texture being slightly wet feeling when you first apply it. I feel like it is one I wont rule out, but I would perhaps not buy consistently, however I think I would be more willing to go back to the wax form as it doesn't have a feeling on the skin. At £4.99 full price, you can get this on offer sometimes, it is a decent price but one that is slightly above some other brands for normal stick deodorants. I do think it is worth it, but as I say, bare in mind the formula if you think this could be an issue. You can find this on Boots here, but it comes in two other scents to this one so check those out too! What is your favourite deodorant? 

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