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Ardell Demi wispies false lashes

False lashes aren't something I use much but I always wish I had more excuses to wear them as I feel so pretty with them on. I wore individual lashes on my wedding day and love the way they look and that you can alter the intensity of them by using different lashes, but strip lashes are pre done and can be so much easier to create a look you want with less fuss. When I got the Ardell Demi wispies lashes in my beauty advent calendar and really haven't had a chance to wear them until recently. 

The lashes come in a box style packaging with the clear window to see the lashes. I like that the name is printed on the plastic packaging that the lashes are on as I can see myself reusing these a few times and I know the whole box might not make it into my drawer, so I am really glad I can still know the name of these without the full packaging. The Duo lash adhesive which comes with the products is a classic and one many people choose to purchase a full size of if they use lashes a lot.

The lashes are described as full, fluttery and with a graduated mixed length. These lashes are slightly more curvaceous with a flared outer corner for added definition. The lashes are so natural looking in the sense the lashes are thin and not clumped together and adding too much thickness in one part, but have a really beautiful long length to them that makes it look like you have amazing lashes. 

The lashes felt comfortable on the eye and I was really pleased with the way these look. You will have to excuse my not so good application, but they were easy to apply and the glue that comes with them is really good at sticking them to the eye and keeping them in place. I love the length and fullness these give and really do think they are a great margin between suited for everyday if you wear heavier make up daily, and not too heavy and dramatic that they will distract away from heavier make up looks if you just want length rather than dramatic volume. 

Overall, the lashes are £5.49 which I think is a really reasonable price as they can be worn a few times if you look after them and take care of them when applying and removing them. These are available to buy on Superdrug here, and are a pair I will definitely be keeping as a top contender for strip lashes if I decide I don't want individual lashes to wear when adding volume and length to my eyes. Do let me know in the comments what your favourite lashes are as I really do want to try more! 


  1. Ardell demi wispies are my absolute favourite when it comes to eyelashes! They're the best strip lashes I've ever used and I really need to stock up! x

    1. I love them, they work so well, I wish I had of found them sooner! Although I don't wear them often but I would like to wear them more xx