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Wilkinson sword quattro for women Raspberry rain

At almost 24 can you believe I have never used a real razor? Well, I have now as I have tried these out for review, but until then. I have an insane fear that I will cut myself with the razor blades, and so as soon as I got to my teens and wanted to shave I asked for a rechargeable electric shaver and, except upgrading to a shaver and epilator in one, I have never considered a disposable razor. Not until I got a glossy box before Christmas and these were in it. You can laugh that its took me almost 5 months to pluck up the courage to try them out! 

The product comes in a pack of three which I think is a nice size pack, as you can get a few uses from each razor. I love the bright pink colour of the razor as it gives it a nice fun look, and compliments the raspberry scent well. Shaped to fit in your hand well, the razor has a flexible shaving head that manoeuvres across the skin flexing to fit the curves and movements of the body. I found the razors ability to flex to the skin and follow the shape of my body, such as around my knees where it becomes less flat and more difficult to control, made the razor a delight to use. I was hesitant to work the blade over my knee to begin with as I know a lot of people who have cut themselves shaving, and being a complete newbie I hadn't ruled out cutting myself. I found it glides easily and effortlessly across the skin, cutting the hair effortlessly as it goes. 

The razor has two lubricating strips, one at the top of the blades and one at the bottom, these are designed to give the skin lubricant and to help aid shaving to give a smooth finish. I didn't use any products with the razor, I simply dipped my leg into the bath, and lifted it out while I shaved it, then letting it sit back in the water once I had finished. I didn't feel I needed any extra product along side the razor as the strips provided a smooth almost oil like feeling aloe coating to the legs to keep them feeling lovely. 

Having four blades, this looks a very scary product to run over the skin if you are new to shaving in this way like I am. These ultra thin blades are designed to give an effortlessly smooth finish to the skin on the ares you have shades and give a close and clean shave. I also like that it comes with its own safety cap, I know most do, but I think from a safety point of view, if I leave this on the side of the bath, the last thing I want is someone catching it, or it falling in the bath and not having the cap on! 

I am so blown away by the results of this. I am used to using my electric shaver which works really well, but I use it either dry, or on damp skin with no other product, where as this has the aid of the aloe strips to nourish the skin. I have to say I love the way these left my legs feeling. I couldn't believe how soft and hair free my legs felt, as well as how easy and effortless it had been to achieve. I felt like all my fears of using a proper razor with blades have melted away and while I might not switch permanently to razors, it will make it so much easier if I want to travel and do not want to take my electric shaver with me, I can just buy a pack of these and know I am good to go.

You can find these on Boots here for £3.96 which I think is great value for the quality and the product you are getting. I definitely will repurchase these, and I will be looking at what other products they have in the disposable razor brand to explore a different area of beauty I haven't used until now. I know this may be an unusual review, and maybe one less spoken about, but its all about beauty and I thought it may be informative as an area of beauty many of us invest money in and use regularly. 

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