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The glitz, glam and not gone to plan

Blogging has a certain air of glitz and glam attached to it, the fancy events the PR gifts and the ability to simply live on the income of your hobby, Sadly this is a mostly just a dream for me and worlds away from where I am in comparison to the big bloggers out there. However I am so happy with my little blog and how far I have come and the content I post. Today is a 'not gone to plan' day, and I am going to tell you why in this back to front lifestyle post on a Saturday, and you will get a fashion post tomorrow!

Imagine waking up and realising that the idea and intention of taking a few weeks worth of OOTD photos today has gone completely out the window because it is raining so heavily that you wouldn't even want to leave the house. So we didn't! Actually, that is a white lie, we scurried out in our comfy clothes and got Chinese food for tea, but that rest was spent in my PJ's and feeling very unproductive worrying somewhat over today's post!

So I stayed in the house, in my pyjamas, thinking about what I was going to do. I decided not to waste my day, I edited all the photos I needed for my Instagram for June, yep 73 photos on my Instagram, I edited more on the PC but I have left a few as back ups if I need more posts but didn't want to go overboard... I have every blog post for June drafted, granted they aren't all written, but that's part of tomorrows job to start writing up some of those posts and reviews. 

I have spent the day in my pyjamas, ignoring my husband, sat in my office, feeling a little bit grumpy about the rain and it ruining today's post. I managed to use the time to edit photos, get some more posts written and drafted as well as planning out my time for the month. I am now going to upload a fashion post tomorrow and share a lovely outfit that I think is spring ready. 

I think the purpose of this post is to show that life doesn't always go to plan. I have been evaluating a lot of things recently, am I on the right path in life, should I be considering other things? I have the uncertainty of how my op will go and have had to discuss with my husband what situation that may leave us in if I get diagnosed with the life long condition they are investigating (wow that makes it sound so much more serious! I'm ok I promise). I feel like next week after my op, my whole life plan could be tipped on its head, and may make me re-evaluate where I am, The only certainty of where I am at this point is with blogging, I love it and as you can tell from my prep earlier, I am dedicated to making sure I work hard and put all I can into making this work and being able to reach out to people. Just remember, in a lot of ways, life doesn't go to plan, but it can always work out and leave you in a better place! 

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