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Sleek Lip VIP Walk of Fame

A few months ago I reviewed a purple shade in this range and I wasn't fully keen on it. I decided I wasn't too fussed about trying any more from the range as it just didn't seem to be my cup of tea. I got this in a set at Christmas and had put off properly trying it as I just wasn't sure I wanted to test it out when I have some red lip options I love. I did however give it a fair test and make sure I was able to give an honest opinion which is what it deserves. Especially as red is a classic shade and its hard to find the perfect one!

The lipstick comes in a lovely matte black tube with the glossy Sleek logo on the front, in line with the rest of the Sleek range. The tube is concealed except for a plastic section at the end which houses a section of product to represent the exact shade of the lipstick itself making it easy to identify when looking for a specific colour. I find the packaging easy to work with, a nice size and one that I love for the element of showing the colour.

The formula is a lovely creamy texture to apply to the lips evenly and opaquely with minimal effort. The product feels comfortable on the lips with the glossy cream finish meaning it wont dry out your lips. I love the way this has such a rich, bold colour pay off with barely any need to go over the colour as I don't like to feel as though I have to apply a lot of layers to get the desired finish. The lipstick is easy to fill the whole lip and create the shape of the lips, but if you want to be sure it is the most precise it can be, you may want to use a lip liner for a truly crisp line. 

The lip colour is a beautiful classic red that I can wear with many different looks. its comfortable feel on the lips means you can easily forget you are wearing it and not feel like you need to apply lip balm. I do feel that the creamy finish of these and the glossy texture means it transfers a little more, but it wears away softly, so as not to look too harsh when wearing off. I have said on most of my lip posts I always feel I need to reapply lip colour after eating or having a lot of drinks, but I would say this is one to make sure you take with you, especially being a bolder colour.

Overall, at £5.49 I think these are a real bargain! I love the texture and the finish is really nice as I am currently on a matte kick so switching it up for a glossier finish has really kicked me back into switching up formulas and getting into using more different products. I find this lovely to wear and one that is great value for money. I had a purple version of this type of lipstick back in the autumn, you can find the post here, I wasn't as keen on that one, but I really like this one, so I might give the other a second full test run and see if it was the shade I wasn't as pleased with. I am looking forward to testing out more products in the range and being able to update my lipstick collection for summer, I think there will definitely be one or two of these in other shades making there way into my collection. You can find them on Boots here, in order to see the shade range and also buy them if you wish. I'd love to know what brand you love most for lipsticks as I am always on the look out for new brands to try, or products I haven't got round to looking at yet! 

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