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Revlon photo ready primer

Towards the end of last year I was scoping out new products to try and find the 'perfect' wedding day combination. I decided to give the Revlon photo ready primer a road test as I thought it sounded perfect for a day where all cameras were on me (and my husband!). I had tested it out a few times and wasn't too sure about it and so I decided to pop it aside, try some other things I knew I already loved and test out which of my staples would be right for the big day. I came back to this the beginning of the year and decided it needed another test. 

The primer comes in a clear glass bottle with a black pump lids and is reminiscent of the photo ready foundation in the same shape and size bottle. The writing on the bottle is printed in black to be easy to read and stand out. The pale pink cream looking texture looks lovely, and will be really easy to monitor as it begins to be used up and when you might want to repurchase this. The pump has a really small nozzle but the product comes out easily with between one and two pumps is enough to do the whole face. 

The cream itself has a cream like texture which did feel a little bit like a face cream, I don't mind this as it was quite easy to work into the skin and use. The product had a faint scent which also reminds me of some sort of generic face moisturiser, it isn't too noticeable, and it is pleasant. I put a pump onto my hand and began working the product into my skin. As I began to rub the product in it started off clear and then turned milky on the skin almost like a thick body moisturiser would look when first applied. It did take a few seconds to work into the skin and disappear into the skin to prime it ready for product. Immediately I was unsure of how it would perform. 

I began to apply my foundation on top of this, and I did use the Revlon colour stay on top of this mainly as that is my go to, I have also tried others and feel the same as I do for the Revlon foundation. As I was applying this I felt as though my foundation wasn't sitting as nicely, it didn't necessarily look terrible to what I was used to, however I did find that my foundation sat on top of this, as if there was some sort of barrier between my skin and the foundation, I was even less impressed when the colour stay which I can count on to last all day on me could be smeared and wiped off if I rubbed my skin lightly, even after it was set with powder. My skin didn't appear to have changed in texture, such as it didn't seem more dry or more oily for instance, but this just didn't seem to work for me with products I have been testing it with. I feel like I am going to have one last experiment with this but I wasn't impressed and so it is very likely that this will get passed on to a friend to see if they like it! 

At £12.99 I had such high hopes for this, especially after loving the colour stay foundation so much and basing my love of that to forge an opinion that I might love this. I feel that for me, it certainly doesn't warrant the price tag, and I certainly did not look photo ready when the product had smeared and shifted to no longer give any coverage in some areas! I know a lot of people love this, so please do some more research and decided for yourself if you think it will work for you, but you can find it here if you do want to know more about it or see where to pick it up from! 

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