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Revlon colorstay normal/dry 110 Ivory

Revlon is a brand that I have used a few things from but don't immediately find myself at when I am in Boots or Superdrug browsing for new products. I'm not sure why, I just seem to gravitate to other stands. Revlon colorstay is an iconic foundation that over the years I have been blogging I have seen so much about and know a lot of people love. When I caved an picked it up towards the end of last year I had no idea if I would like it. I tend to go for lighter coverage foundations but knew having a heavier, full coverage foundation in my collection would be good for event, nights out or just days I want to look a little more put together, so I decided to give it a go, I went for normal/dry as that is my skin type and thought it would best suit my complexion. 

The packaging is a lovely round, cylinder shaped bottle which makes it easy to stored laid down, although it would roll, or stood up in your collection. The bottle is clear so you can easily see how much product is left inside and when you are likely to need to repurchase more which is great as there is nothing worse then thinking you have a lot of product left and finding out you don't! A few years ago this didn't come with a pump, and I can't quite remember when the pump came in, but it definitely swung my decision I really didn't fancy the pouring action of the non pump version and it always put me off, so I finally gave in once the pump was added and I came in the market for a fuller coverage.

I went straight to the lightest shade in the range as I knew if this one wasn't light enough for me, then I would have to pass it up, I have the shade 110 Ivory, and it is light enough for my skin tone, which is perfect as I have found some brands don't go light enough. I know not everyone reading my blog will be the same skin colour and tone as me, but I did feel the range looked to have some really nice shades in and I recommend checking it out and testing a few to see which will suit your skin. 

I use just under two pumps of this, but I do use a wet Real Techniques sponge to work this into my ski and so that does absorb a little bit of the product, and so I could get away with a bit less again should I use a brush. I find this gives flawless full coverage on the skin and leaves my skin looking lovely. I don't have issues with this sinking into pores or lines on my face, and as long as you don't apply too thick of a layer it doesn't look thick or heavy. I did experiment in order to see how the product would look and if it would look too heavy and it can if you do try to apply too many layers. This being said, I find I only need one layer of this with minimal concealer, and what I do use is mainly as a brightener for my under eyes and just to make sure that my dark circles are covered and concealed. 

I find the product wears extremely well through the day and I notice very minimal signs of wear which I like. I do set this with powder out of habit, but I would do so with any foundation I use. I find this works so well with pretty much all the primers I have there have only been one or two I haven't liked and that is usually when I don't like the primer with other foundations too. I did find, when I had a really bad cough and cold and was blowing my nose about 15 times a day the constant nose wiping and blowing did wear off the product, but it still left the product on the skin a little bit so wasn't completely gone, and I was able to style out the fact I had barely any product on the ends of my nose! 

The has fast become my everyday foundation, and definitely one I always reach for for a night out! On several occasions I have heard this be compared to Estee Lauder double wear, however I am yet to try the double wear and so cannot compare it, but I know Mikhila over at MissBudgetBeauty did a comparison of the two in a video and she preferred this one to that one to the double wear! At £12.99 I think it is a really good price for the quality you get, and especially because it has the dupe factor from other bloggers too. You can find this foundation on Boots here if you want to check it out! Let me know your favourite foundation in the comments as I love trying new ones! 

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