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Redken One united multi benefit treatment

I was very excited to get the Redken one united treatment in my advent calendar as I really like hair treatments and really enjoy trying out new ones to see what works for me and what benefits they each have. I hear so many good things about Redken and so I was very excited to have a play with this and see what it was like. I was also intrigued that you can use this as a leave in treatment or wash it out! I set about giving it a good test and seeing which way I preferred to use it.

The product comes in a spray bottle which is really nice as it makes it really easy to distribute into the hair. The bottle is white with the branding that looks fun and enticing with the soft colours on the front to give it a bit of character. The lid and spray nozzle are black and give a nice contrast to the white bottle.

The product is a light consistency, more of a water feel as appose to some leave in conditioners which are a more milky cream like texture. I feel the lightweight consistency of this gives it a nice edge as I feel it eliminates a lot of the fear which comes with applying to much when they are more of a cream as they can sometimes leave the hair looking a bit greasy. 

I have tested the product both as a spray in and wash off treatment, and a leave in treatment you use when you have towel dry hair. Using it in the bath or shower as a wash out treatment was really easy, I shampooed my hair as normal and then rinsed it out, I then sprayed this evenly onto the hair and left it in for between five and ten minutes while I was washing my body and relaxing and then rinsed it out. Although it is a leave in treatment and doesn't necessarily need washing off, I felt its lightweight texture made it hard to detect to rinse off in the hair, and so I decided I wanted to use this mostly as a leave in treatment on towel dry hair.

For the towel dry treatment, I found I would use my normal shampoo and conditioner, then got out the bath, wrapped my hair in a towel while I got dressed. My hair is then just damp and ready to be blow dried, it is at this point when I will use a clip to section my hair into about three section in order to spray this evenly onto the hair to cover the strands from root to tip. I find when I section it I can make sure it is even in the hair easier. It sprays in lovely and left no residue in the hair when wet or dry and so it was lovely and a pleasure to use.

The product is marketed as having 25 benefits all in one, these are for Manageability, Protection and Beauty. The manageability benefits are; conditioning, nourishes, improves the manageability, helps even porous hair, Reduces dryness, Detangles, helps strengthen and an ideal cutting lotion. In terms of protection it offers benefits such as; priming the hair for styling, helps prevent breakage from brushing, safe for use on colour treated hair, helps prevent heat damage, helps prevent split ends, helps seal hair cuticle, safe for ombre hair, and helps shield the hair against external aggressors. The last set of benefits is the Beauty benefits. These are things such as; gives the hair a silky touch, adds smoothness, adds shine, helps control frizz, anti static, controls fly aways, makes blow drying easier, style refresher and offers lightweight results. 

I found my hair felt lovely when I used this, both as a leave in treatment and a wash out treatment. I felt this made my hair lovely and soft and it helped with the condition as well. I was pleased with the results I saw from this, and while I felt they weren't overly dramatic, they were noticeable and that's all I can hope for when using a product, that I can notice a difference. The product is usually £17 but is currently on offer for £11.90 at Look Fantastic here. This is on the pricier side but if you want a multi function hair treatment it may be worth considering this one as it has a lot of benefits all rolled into one, and you could easily buy three or four products to get this combination of benefits and end up putting a lot of product into your hair while spending more!

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