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PS Pro mini blenders

I am a convert to the Real techniques blending sponge and I for one will have a committed relationship with that sponge for as long as I can predict. However, I can't resist testing out alternatives on the market to get some bargain alternatives, even if its just cheap ones to travel with. When I saw the pack of four smaller sized sponges in Primark I knew I had to give them a fair test, knowing they would be a perfect size for concealer, cream blush and contour etc. Getting four also means you have a few spares to pop at the back of your make up drawer and pull out when the one your using looks a little worse for wear! 

In the box the four sponges, two black and two white, are packed neatly with a little card that detailed the product and its features. I like that these are latex free, and that it gives you ideas of what areas they would be good to use them on. I really like that you have two different colours, I know I can use a white one for foundation and a black one for cream contour and know I wont accidentally cross the colour of the product, and I like the idea of that. 

The sponges have a pointed top which makes it so easy to get into the corners of the eye, while the large curved edges allowing you to seamlessly blend product into the skin with a larger surface area. the sponge then has a flat slightly domed base that is good for things such as spots, or for blending out the edges of the product. I have to say, while this absorbs water and expands nicely, it doesn't feel porous the same way my Real techniques one does and I think in turn means it absorbs less product. it also feels more dense and less squishy in my hands, while still being easy to squash and work with when using. 

When I first used the sponge I applied my concealer to my face as I always would and then used the sponge to blend the product and create a seamless finish on the skin. I began to blend and just completely did not get on with the sponge. I ended up swapping back to my trusty Real techniques and decided to retry the sponge another day. 

Coming back to the sponge I think the bad first impression made me try it slightly different, and I actually came to like it. I found that the sponge doesn't absorb some of the product as it blends it, meaning you end up with nearly all the product you apply on the skin staying on the skin. I was able to work with this and I was able to blend it into the skin in a way that worked with the product it self and while I would use a little less product next time to combat the issue, a little extra blending and this looked great. 

I feel like I went full circle on these, I wasn't sure if I liked them and probably wouldn't have persisted trying them properly had I not wanted to review them for you all. However, I did find that once I got used to the slightly different texture of the sponge I was quite pleased with them and will carry on using these. I wouldn't say they are the best sponges on the market, and I wont be trading out my trusty Real techniques sponge any time soon, but you can bet for £2.50 I will have a pack of these in my drawer to use when I want to get into the corners of my eye or apply something like a cream blush that I don't want to get the colour on my main sponge I use. These are worth checking out it they sound like your type of product or if you want to give a sponge a go and can't justify the price of the others on the market, however I think long term, they aren't my most needed product. 


  1. I have these for review too but haven't gotten around to trying them! I think because theyre so small I'll lose them! They're a good buy at £2.50 but think I'll feel the same way as you, they're not 'must haves' xx

    1. I know what you mean, I think as well because they behave slightly different to the real techniques one so they took a bit of testing out! x