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PS Pro blending brush

I have seen the oval brushes everywhere on the internet with lots of brands making a version, from budget options like my Primark one to more high end brands. The took the beauty world by storm and became a much talked about brush. I admit the hype has died back down now but I still wanted to give these a go and see what they were like. I was hoping to try out more make up and brushes from Primark so I thought this would be a great one to pick up. 

The brush has a easy to hold and use, with the handle being comfortable and sturdy. I find the brush easy to work with and the bristles are a nice density to, which means it is good for working with the product. I went for a medium sized brush that was a little more on the smaller end as I knew I probably wouldn't find this easiest for foundation but thought it would be perfect for concealer or contouring with cream products.The brush has fairly short bristles and is quite dense with not much flexibility to it. I knew when I got it out it wouldn't suit the way I apply foundation, and I became unsure what I would end up using it for. 

When I tested this out I tried it on under eye concealer. I felt the brush moved and spread the product but didn't work it into the skin or blend the edges and so for me I felt I needed to go back over the products edge with my sponge or another brush to get the soft blended look. I took a bit of time playing with this on different days and really trying to decide how it would work best. It wasn't until I was focused on doing a winged liner look and wanted a really crisp clean line on the edge of the wing and eye shadow that I applied a line of concealer and used this brush to create the harsh edge against the eye shadow to give it a more crisp looking finish. 

I found the brush quite hard to work with, mainly because I have nothing else like it and the really dense bristles felt a little out of my comfort zone for the techniques I have developed as I have learnt to apply make up over the years. I do however think I will continue to experiment with this and I know I can use it along the edge of my eye to create a sharp edge, and I will experiment with more powder products as well. Over all for £2.50 I think it is a good buy, however, if you aren't used to the shape of these brushes or don't like really dense brushes as much, you might want to give these a miss. I opted for these as a budget option to the high end ones I have seen all over blogs and YouTube and decided I wanted to have a go, but I wont be picking up more. 

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