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PS Brow fixing Gel Light brown

Primark has a wide range of beauty products at affordable prices, but I was sceptical of what they might be like at first and then never got round to picking anything up from the range. I decided I would pick some things up when I was in store a few weeks back and I am so glad I did, as I know there will be some gems amongst the products. I tried to go for products I could compare to other things, so this for instance I wanted to pit against the Benefit Gimme brow to see how I liked it. I picked light brown as my hair is a lighter brown shade and I thought it would work well on my lighter brown lashes to give them a tint of colour to match up a little more with my hair colour. 

The product comes in a mascara style tube with clear packaging to see the exact shade of the product. In store this is in a box, to help give more information about the product. The cap has a secure screw fastening, and the wand pulls out to reveal a bristle mascara wand which is a good size for using on the brow. I do feel the wand could be a tiny bit smaller as the Gimme brow does have a smaller wand and I find it just the slightest bit easier to control, but this is still good to work with.

The product looks a lovely rich colour, slightly warmer, but looks natural on the brows, although my hair has coppery red undertones so it would have matched even if slightly red. This product has insane pigmentation as a little bit goes a long way in creating a strong brow look. I couldn't believe the pigmentation this had the first time I used it, I definitely expected a sheerer colour that I might have to build up, but one swipe and you have a bold brow.

I applied the product through my brow with ease. You can see the product as it coats every brow hair and the wand, being slightly on the larger side for brows catches every one on its way over, meaning there is minimal need to go back over the brow. I found the brows did dry quickly, and they have a slight crisp feel to them, but didn't look dry or 'gelled' in place. I did find that if I went over the product, I didn't need to but I thought I would experiment with all possibilities of applying the product, that the colour did dry flaky, so I don't think this is one you would be able to build up. I suggest if you do use this to work slower and get one full coverage swipe on the lashes than to work in bits and end up having to do a few touch ups as you may get a bit of flaking where the product has layered.

The product lasted all day on my brows and looks strong and intact when I came to wash my make up off at the end of the day. I tested out rubbing the product with my finger before washing it off, and if I rubbed my brows the product did begin to flake. I would say that unless you really need to itch a strong itch you should be fine if you touch your brows through the day without noticing. The product was easy to remove melting down with my normal cleanser and being easy to wipe off with a damp flannel after working the cleanser over my face. 

At £1 this is a complete bargain and I really do like it. It may be slightly too dark for me to wear everyday at this stage but if I dye my hair slightly darker again, which I may well do it will be the perfect shade. I have seen this in clear, light brown and dark brown, so I know thy do a few colours, however, if you have fairer eyebrows or blonde eyebrows you may be better sticking to the clear and finding a suited colour brow product as this would probably be way too dark with blonde hair if you want your brows yo be the same shade as your hair. I am definitely going to go back for the clear one for just £1 as it is a bargain and I am in need of a new clear brow gel to replace one that is almost used up in my collection. 

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