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Primark matte lip colour Kendall

I put off buying Primark make up for a while as I didn't really know what to try from the brand, however I always knew I would try it eventually. I decided to bite the bullet a few weeks ago and, if you haven't seen it I have already, I picked up a brow gel and reviewed it. I have to say I love matte lips and liquid lipsticks are one of my current favourite things to use, so I decided to spy on the selection they have, and upon noticing they had names such as Kendall, Kylie, etc, you can imagine what I think they are supposed to be dupes of! Now I haven't tried any Kylie lip kits but I have seen good things about them and know they are super popular.

The packaging of this is a square plastic tube with a black cap on top. I like the sleek look of these and the black text printed on the packaging look sophisticated and definitely on par with the other drugstore brands and feels much more upmarket than Primark may be portrayed. The product has a lovely sized doe foot applicator which is a great shape and size for applying the product to the lips.

The colour is a dusky mauve shade that is a lovely nude toned matte that I can wear as the perfect everyday shade if I want something slightly different to my usual brown toned nudes. The colour is highly pigmented and has a smooth formula which stays wet just long enough to work with the product to make it look perfect on the lips, but dries quickly to achieve a flawless matte finish effortlessly. 

The product is so easy to apply to the lips and looks full coverage. The doe foot applicator makes it easy to create a precise edge on the lips and give them a nice shape, which I really like as some can be tricky to work with. I have wore this on my lips when they have been in perfect condition, however the photo here shows this applied on very dry chewed up chapped lips, and it still applies lovely, and this is about the worst condition my lips get in when I violently chew the skin off of them in a nervous moment! 

The colour, once dry didn't transfer or show signs of wear through the day when drinking from a cup. I did find that when I ate, though wearing really well, some foods contributed to it wearing off easier and showing more signs of wear than others, but it in general the matte lip holds up well against food and drink. I am the advocate for reapplying lipsticks after eating, I carry it with me anyway and always want it to look its best, but this for me was one of a handful that I could get away without reapplying if I didn't have the product with me. I also found these to be super comfortable. Even on days when I had really dry cracked lips I could apply this product and wear it comfortably for hours without it drying my lips and further or making them feel sore or uncomfortable. I love that aspect of this product as some matte lip colours can be too drying and cause them to be uncomfortable. 

At £2 these are such a great bargain! They are affordable, accessible and well worth it! I am definitely going to look at what other colours they have as I think these are really good quality and I was looking for some affordable and low cost ones to pick up colours I would barely wear but want to experiment with, such as a dark toned purple shade. I think if you like the matte lip look, you can't go wrong trying one of these out! 

Let me know if you have tried these, or what your go to matte lip product is that I should check out if I haven't already! 


  1. I absolutely LOVE Primark markup but I haven't tried their lip products yet. I'm feeling a mini haul coming on.

    1. There is so much that I want to try, I feel like they have some great products and I have so much more to discover from them too I cant wait to shop the stand properly!

  2. Replies
    1. I didn't know if it would be too cool toned, but it looks lovely on! A total bargain too! x