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NYX soft matte lip cream Manila

When NYX first launched in Boots I knew one of things I wanted to try was the soft matte lip creams. As someone who always loved cream lipsticks in the past I have really fallen in love with matte lips in the past year or so and I knew these were on my radar of things I needed to try out. As I was looking at the stand I knew the beautiful coral pink toned colour of the Malina shade was something I would enjoy wearing and could get a lot of use from. 

The packaging is made of a plastic tube the same shade as the lip colour itself, which is perfect as I love being able to see the exact colour of the product when I am going through my drawer to find the product I want to use. The cap is matte black and the product has a doe foot applicator to apply the product to the lips.

The formula of the product is really creamy and glides onto the lips effortlessly feel soft and smooth. I love the way the product applies, as it is really easy to work with and has a lovely opaque finish. It doesn't dry down to a matte finish very quickly and takes quite a while, maybe 10-15 minutes to fully finish drying down and getting to a point where it has the matte finish I thought it would have. The cream finish does have a matte look to it and is really nice and smooth on the lips and these definitely are a 'soft' formula even when dried to a fuller matte finish. 

I did find the product, while still wet when first applied did transfer onto a cup and food if I was to eat or drink. It did however dry down on my lips and become a more matte, less transferable finish which then lead to the product being more long lasting. This is such a lovely colour and applies beautifully on the lips giving a perfect opaque finish and lovely coverage. 

These retail at £6 and can be found on Boots here. I really enjoy this product and have a couple of colours from the range, and I also hope to expand and have more from the range in the coming months as I love the way they feel and wear on the lips. I cannot wait to pull out this colour and get more use from it as spring summer comes in thick and fast. I am so excited to see what other colours I can pick up and I am sure this will be making its way to the top of my lip collection since rediscovering it to retest for review! 

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