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Mini budget clothing haul

You may know I have been working through my wardrobe to get rid of all the clothes I don't wear anymore and have been trying to introduce more items that I love and will get lots of wear out of too. I have so much stuff in my wardrobe and often still feel like I have nothing to wear, but I think I am definitely feeling more positive about what I have in my wardrobe and the outfits I can create. I decided to be a little on the savvy side and headed onto eBay to have a look at what they had to offer as well as heading onto the high street, I only found what I was looking for in Primark, but I still got a few nice pieces. This is a relatively small haul, but I feel they will be thing I will get a lot of wear from on a regular basis. 

My first stop was the high street, I went everywhere I could spot in my local town and definitely thought I would find more than I did, however, it saved me some money not buying too much! I did get a couple of other things but they are for another themed haul that I think may be useful for some people, and so you will see that in a week or two. I was shopping around in store and found some jumpers I loved in the sale. I saw these when they were full priced, however I hadn't sorted my wardrobe out back then and didn't really know what I was searching for so decided not to buy them. Since sorting I found I have a distinct lack of thinner jumpers that are nice for spring and the current weather we have, something thin, but still adds a little bit of warmth to the outfit. These jumpers should have been £7, and they were reduced down to £3, meaning I could pick up both the black and grey one for less than the full price of one. 

I then popped onto eBay, and I managed to get 3 blazers all from the same seller. I adore blazers and they are definitely something I wear as 'casual' clothes, they are so comfy and I love them, so it works perfectly for me that I am so comfortable in something that is usually so formal. I have a black one that I need to replace soon, a white one and a burgundy one in my collection already, but I wanted a few more that would be nice for summer and less harsh than black to mix up my look. I went for a grey one, a red one and a cobalt blue shade. These were all originally from Primark, but I got them for about £4 each which is a total bargain and they are all in really great condition and like new, which is perfect as I know I will wear these all the time and get loads of wear from them. 

I will wear all of these pieces both for work, and for everyday wear when I am wanting to be a little more casual, so I know I have picked out some really good value pieces to add to my wardrobe. I cant wait to share with you all how I style some of these pieces and share some more OOTD pictures, I'm having a really hard time sourcing places to take them as I want a nice backdrop for them, but something that is also easy to get too without too much traveling, so just stay tuned for them and hope I find somewhere good! 


  1. I'm also on the same mission to make sure everything in my wardrobe is loved and worn! I recently gave bags and bags to a charity shop but there is still a lot to go! I absolutely love the Blazers, although Blazers don't tend to suit me, they always seem to look too formal"

    Charlotte | www.shoestringchic.co.uk

    1. That sounds great! I have handbags and shoes to now make their way to the charity shop, but I've done well with the clothing side so far! I think I've mastered dressing them up for work and dressing them down for more casual days over the years so I always wear them xx

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    1. It such a beautiful colour isn't it! I cant believe how nice they are and I know I will get so much wear from them! x