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May Monthly roundup

May, in comparison to some of the previous months has been a little on the quiet side! There are a couple of things I can't mention here yet, as they relate to my personal life, and well as much as I want to write about it, lets keep it a secret a little longer, as you never know who might be lurking. I am not pregnant, or anything drastic like that, but, I just want to wait for the timing to be right, before I tell you all! It also will depend on the full results of my op and talks with my husband about our decisions! So lets have a peep at what exciting things I got up to this month! 

First up lets mention the Lush event I went to! It felt like a dream come true to go to a Lush event, I adore Lush, which you may know if you have seen any of my bath bomb pictures when I review the products, I'm pretty sure you could call it an obsession. At the event we got to test out some of the products, be pampered by the staff and just learn a whole lot more about the range of products and the things which are launching soon. We were able to see demonstrations and just get to understand how the products are not only designed to work, but also how they are able to preserve themselves, and what they have done to change more of their products into self preserving products. It was so informative, and fun that I am so glad I went. We got given a little goody bag and if you want to know more about how I found it you can find a post here.

So, then there was my operation. I have spent years building up to this and getting the doctors to finally listen, I have detailed a lot of it in separate posts if you want to find out more about it all, I have written it up in three sections; getting referred, my hospital appointments and the operation so they will go up over the next three weeks, feel free to have a look if you are interested, but the are gynaecological, however I wont be too graphic, just medical and I want to raise awareness of getting these type of issues seen to! I know it can be embarrassing, but its far less embarrassing to have answers than to not have it checked! I'm feeling good and looking to the future, but you will know more about it when I share the posts. I am overwhelmed with the kindness and love a lot of you have shown me, and I appreciate it all and believe it contributed to my speedy recovery! 

Lastly, lets talk about my spending ban. If you want the full background on this, as why it isn't a full spending ban, you can find that here. Cutting the cost of living was a shock to the system this month, yet I think I did pretty well. I don't often carry cash so I monitored this entirely through my bank balance. One thing I will say is I did pay for something on my PayPal for my brother, and he gave me the cash back and I have that unspent in my purse. Surprisingly I had money left on pay day and while I maybe would have liked one or two more purchases, I was able to get myself a treat or two. 

I picked up another £5 night dress for my operation during my 'spending ban' as well as a £4.25 bath bomb from Lush during the event, but they are the only two indulgent purchases I have made this month that I didn't, so to say, need. I had allowed myself a Lush purchase or two, and I did need the night dress as things hat were comfortable for after my operation, find what I bought here, so I do feel this was still reserved. I am looking to do a project pan in June, so I will update you all on that one, and I will be continuing with the minimal spending so I will probably write up a little bit about that in June's roundup post. 

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