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May beauty round up and projects for June!

May has been another quick month that came around in a flash and was suddenly here and over without much prior warning! I had a bit of a stressful month planning for my op, and prepping for it, taking a week out without wearing make up and only being able to use prescribed shower gel in order to prevent infections prior and after surgery, and let me tell you that isn't very glamorous! I hadn't really felt wowed by much this month and so rather than scrape the barrel and throw together a favourites of mediocre things I haven't really been loving I thought I would share with you all a bit of an update on the beauty front and I want to start a project pan and get somethings used up!

I have decided a project pan is needed to show myself that I can use up products and I can get rid of a lot of what I don't use. I am a hoarder of sorts I suppose, but only when it comes to using things up, if I know it can be used up it will be. If it has gone bad I will throw it out as I don't want to risk it! 

I want to aim to use up five products from the shower gel, bubble bath and body lotion category, aiming for at least one from all three and the other two can be from any, however, they cannot be Lush, as they are single use anyway. 

For hair care I want to use up two items, I say two because I know a lot of my hair products are quite full and so I want to be sure I can keep to using some up, I will be happy to get some down to half full as well though in order to keep up progress in things I haven't managed to use up.

For skin care, I want to use up two products, I am sure I can use through a couple of things on my shelf of skin care if I stick at it and really work towards it and use some of the things consistently. I tend to stick to a skin care routine and I have made a fair point of sticking to certain things while testing out products for review, but I currently can use up a few things before I move onto testing the next thing. 

For make up, I would like to use up two products, this would be good as I know a lot of my products are still quite a long was off hitting pan, or being used up, so I think two is quite reasonable and I can work towards that. I find make up so hard to get through and use up, but I really want to make sure I am using through my stuff as I really want to keep the circulation of products going. 

In terms of samples, I have so many that I honestly don't know where to start, so I think I need to work through and use up a lot. I'm going to go for ten, that is about one sample every three days and I'm very sure I can do that! 

Lastly I'd like to use up one full perfume and one sample. I don't use up samples very often as I like to keep them for when I have nights out or nights away, and so I thought, knowing I might have a night out this month it would be the perfect opportunity to use up a sample and the rest of the month I can focus on using up a full sized perfume. 

So this is 24 items I want to use up in June. I wrote this, and coincidentally I turn 24 in June so this must be a good sign! I hope I can work through these and use them up, and I will definitely report back at the end of June to show you all how I am getting on and how I did. Let me know what you are hoping to use up this month, and if you are doing a project pan or anything similar! 

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