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MAC Fleur De Force Lipstick

When I first heard that Fleur was releasing a lipstick in collaboration with MAC I knew I needed to get my hands on it regardless of the shade. I have been a long time supporter of Fleur and have been following her blog and YouTube for almost 7 years, which is a long time! I always relate closely with what Fleur has to say and really do feel like she is so genuine and real in her videos, and I find it incredible the effort and enthusiasm that she puts into the videos. I knew being MAC the lipstick would have the quality and feel of the normal MAC line so quality was assured, though I know Fleur would strive for the best quality of the product had it not been a collaboration. I am so excited to finally have it and be able to test it out.

The packaging of the product is the classic matte black box, with a twist. The box has a sticker like effect printed on the box. The sticker states that is is a creme sheen finish for SS17 and it is by Fleur De Force and then the logo Fleur uses for her channel. I love the idea of this, its such a cute twist without altering the packaging too much and really makes it stand out while still looking smooth and sleek. 

The tube itself is the classic black tube with the silver ring in the middle and the silver MAC logo printed on the edges of the cap. The lid pulls off to reveal the silver tube that holds the lipstick, with this one having MAC printed on in black for the contrast. The tube twists smoothly and is easy to twist up the product. 

The product is a beautiful nude shade that is described as a cool beige. It is such a lovely nude, and knowing I have a similar skin tone to Fleur I knew as soon as I saw it on I knew I would suit the colour too. I have had a really strong love for the matte lip trend recently, but I love matte lips when they come in the liquid lipstick form so I am really glad this is creme sheen, not only to mix it up, but because I know it will be a nice change to matte lips and be more versatile for all year round. 
The lipstick applies smoothly onto the lips giving a lovely even coverage on the lips. The nude is a cool beige but looks a natural nude on my lips giving a beautiful colour that is what I might have to say is my perfect nude shade! I could honestly say this is one I could wear daily and know it would suit me at any time with any look. 

The colour, being creme sheen is so easy to wear and feels so light and unnoticeable on the lips that it is easily one of my favourite formulas for comfort and ease of wear. It looks so natural and flattering on the lips and is one I feel last well. I will say it on all posts but I do reapply lipstick after eating regardless, but it hold up decently and looks nice, but I like to reapply for vibrancy. The light, nude colour means that it also wears nicely and if it does begin to wear off it still looks natural and less noticeable as it is a neutral shade that is like a my lips but better shade. 

At £16.50 MAC definitely isn't a budget friendly option, but they are lovely quality and if you are looking for a more premium make up brand, this is a beautiful lipstick with a great formula. While this shade is a limited edition colour, and as far as I know is sold out, the MAC range has so many beautiful nudes, and have a lot in the creme sheen finish and so I am sure you will find a shade that suits you and is perfect for your skin tone. I definitely think this could be an easy staple in my make up bag, and had it been permanent in the line I can honestly say I predict I would repurchase this as it suits me so well. 

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