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Lush Nottingham bloggers event

Lush PR events have a certain prestige feel, its like you have made it if you make it onto their list and you know its a big deal (its big with any company, but Lush has a certain feel about it that just has an edge). I was delighted when i got the chance to go to the Lush event at the Nottingham store as I love Lush and anyone will know how much I share of the bath bombs when I use them and the bubble bars, and you don't get to see when I use the same bath bomb over again or a bubble bar again as I have shared my thoughts as sometimes want a bath that I don't Instagram! So what did I get up to at the event? 

We were welcomed to the store and signed in on a VIP list, which always makes me feel a little more elite than I am as its all so fancy, and lets be real, we all want to be on a VIP list! We were told to help ourselves to drinks and doughnuts from Doughnotts which is my all time favourite doughnut place, ever. I didn't eat mine at the event but they were kind enough to let me take it home to have with a cup of tea once I was home! 

One station I obviously went to was the bath bombs and bubble bars. I was interested in finding out more about the new fathers day range, and believe me, I saw the bath bomb and bubble bar being demonstrated and I will be reviewing at least the bath bomb on here in June. I got to have a look at some of the core range which I have said in the past that I am less familiar with and I picked up the newly reformulated Think pink bath bomb and so I will also be reviewing that one soon! 

 I was then shown the shower gels which I have used and love, but the new edition to the store is Plum rain and it smells so lovely. It was an online and oxford street store exclusive, but they have made it a permanent product in all the stores. It smells so lovely and is definitely worth having a smell of. I love the shower gels as they have a great scent to them and work so well at leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. 

I haven't branched into the body scrubs and body lotions properly, I always have a huge stash of unused body lotions so can never justify buying any as I don't use them as much as I should, so I am so i was glad to test out the range and see what they are like without committing to buying one and adding it to my over crowded stash! I love the scrub it worked so well on my skin, wasn't harsh feeling but has a good scrub feel to it when worked into the skin. The scrub I got to try was the Rub, rub, rub scrub and I really like the way it smells and worked so I think when I have used up some more of my bath stuff I will be looking to go back for this. I then got to try the Ro's Argan body conditioner, I normally get a bit intimidate by the 'in shower moisturisers' and feel a bit like they wouldn't hydrate as much because you wash it off, but having it put on my hand and washed off I can see now how well it works. As I mentioned there is no chance I can buy a moisturiser until I have used up the ones I have on my shelf, but this is one I really liked and will remember for later down the line. 

I had a wonder round the store exploring the station such as skin care and hair care. I love the way Lush display the products it is so unique and unlike any other store and it definitely is something I am very drawn to. I love the way they display the face masks where you can see the ingredients in them and you can really see the fresh element they have. I love the display and I feel like it is just so fun and unique, and really makes em want to get stuck in and test them all out! 

One of the lovely ladies, (I am awful with names so I am so sorry!) showed me the lovely new packaging of the now self preserving products, they have the same ingredients and are the same product as the non self preserving range but have slightly more of some ingredients in order to ensure the product lasts longer. The ingredients have just been tweaked to make sure the preserving ingredients are in a higher quantity. I absolutely adore the packaging of this range and I would go for the self preserving over the original just because the packaging is so beautiful! 

We then got to build our goody bag, how awesome is that! We had a selection of products we could choose from and I will go through the options and then share with you what I went for. We got the choice of one of three shower gels, the Dirty Spring wash shower gel, the new plum rain shower gel or the comforter shower gel. We then had the choice between Ocean salt face and body scrub or the Mask of magnaminty face mask, I honestly couldn't decide which I wanted so I let the lovely lady at Lush surprise me with one of the two. We were then offered either the new bath bomb, super dad, or the new bubble bar, Mod father, from the fathers day range. I felt like the goody bag had an amazing selection and could really cater to a lot of peoples taste too!

For my gift bag I picked the comforter shower gel as I love the scent of this and think it will be a beautiful scent for summer and one I would have picked up anyway once I work through my huge stash of shower gels I have accumulated! I got the mask of magnaminty as the surprise product and I am so excited to have a pamper and use this as it smells amazing! I also opted for the bath bomb as I knew I would have picked it up anyway and I already have a few bubble bars left to use up so I was looking forward to trying the bath bomb!

I had the most amazing time at the event and I am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to go along and get to know more about what Lush have to offer! I will be reviewing all the products from My goody bag over the next month or two, I already have June planned so I think some will have to wait until July but I am sure they will make an appearance soon enough! Let me know your favourite Lush product in the comments as I know there is still so much I need to try and I would love to hear recommendations! 

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