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Limited edition dilemmas

I'm doing ok after my surgery, but due to the bad weather last weekend I didn't get to take enough outfit pictures for this weekend, so I decided I want to share with you some thoughts on fashion, beauty and all round limited edition and hard to get hold of items. I don't like to buy into trends too often, but I do enjoy looking at whats new and there are a few things I know I will always get excited about when limited edition collections are released, but it can be quite disheartening too, 

I love beauty and fashion as you can probably tell from my blog, and I find new releases very exciting on both the beauty and fashion front, buying into both limited edition beauty collections, and fashion related limited edition pieces. However I sometimes find it a little on the annoying side, and while I think its great, it an also be a awful pain in the bum,

Lets talk positives, I have bought some amazing products from limited edition collections, getting my hands on products from MAC in terms of make up, and these stunning light up glass slipper inspired Cinderella shoes from Irregular choice back in October. Its so lovely to get what you want and know what is coming out.

I find with beauty products we tend to get a better preview of what is coming and have a good idea of what we might want to buy. This can be through promo images, or through blogger mail we get to see and swatches on YouTube and other blog sites. I think beauty products are a little more predictable, with collections being released at very similar times of the year and at key times, such as summer collections for bronzed up skin, or Christmas gift sets that are such great value we all scramble to get our hands on. 

In terms of fashion I am much more reserved on what I sporadically buy on the limited edition front. I don't like to buy into the trends very much as I want to create a versatile wardrobe that reflects me and not the current trends that are about as I am only out of my work wear two days a week unless it is my holiday days and so I often like to stick to what I know I like and what suits me. One thing I get sucked into is shoes and handbags, and let me tell you, I have quite the collection! 

One thing I get completely disheartened about and something that always seems a little bit unsure in every release is how limited edition the items actually are. some things will say 'only 100 ever made' while others just have the Limited edition tag on them. One brand that does limited edition collections that are almost guaranteed to sell out and are executed in an precises and controlled way in order to make sure the collection isn't leaked and the queue system makes it fair that the people who go on the site first get priority in the queue. 

We usually get to see a few of the styles from the collection with usually one pair of shoes a week being shown on the emails they send out and we usually see about 3 pairs before the release date. As you can see above I have a pair from the Cinderella Disney collection, but they have also done Star Wars, Alice in wonderland and now Mickey and Minnie mouse. The shoes launch at 12 noon, and the site goes into lock down queues probably half an hour before giving you your number and you can watch the queue count down in front of you. I love the queue system, it stops the site getting over loaded, but it can be a real pain when you go on and the queue is over an hour long, just before 12! 

I find I am usually at work on release day, we haven't seen the full range, you don't know the price until they go on the site at 12, and we usually only get around a months notice to save and get ready for the collection if you hope to get anything. This collection launched while I was on the operating table, I had no idea what was in the collection, and evidently I was in no shape to buy anything when they released! I didn't expect to buy anything from the collection, especially with my spending ban looming over me still I new I had to be reserved. I had my eye on a purse at £25, and when I had come out of theatre and got to my phone I saw the collection and my mum managed to queue online and get the purse as a birthday present. I'm keeping it under wraps until it comes! I have my eyes on a pair of flat shoes from the range too, but I don't know if I will get those yet, it depends how I feel about my spending ban and if they stay in stock. 

I think the point of this post is both to welcome limited edition ranges, share my experience and also have a bit of a moan at how sometimes it just isn't possible to be there for the launch, or to afford the things at such short notice. There has been frenzy of the much coveted Chip mugs in Primark, they seem to sell out faster than the staff can hand them out to customers, they limit how many of things you can buy, and it seems to escalate into a lot of unrest between people hunting down the item, getting angry and frustrated that they can't get hold of it, and those people who always put them on eBay for a staggeringly higher price than it ever retailed for in the first place. I feel like we can't avoid the excitement and element of wonder that draws us into limited edition products, but they can sometimes cause more upset and feelings of disappointment if you miss out! What was the last thing you bought that was limited edition? 

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