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Lee Stafford hair growth spray

You may have seen the review I did of the Lee Stafford hair growth shampoo and conditioner over on my blog last month, but I thought I would do the leave in treatment as a separate post as I use it with other shampoo and conditioner products too. I wanted to test this on its own so I have used the shampoo and conditioner alone, with this as well and this with other products to test them separately. I was particularly interested in this product as I love that I can use it with any shampoo or conditioner I like and still get the benefits.

The packing of the spray is the iconic pink bottle that the Lee Stafford range comes in with the logo and the white writing. I love that the bottle is see through and I can see how much is left in the bottle as it helps with repurchasing or guessing how long the product will last for in the long run.

Designed to be left in the hair after washing, it is described as a lightweight treatment which helps smooth and strengthen the hair from within. It contains pro-growth complex and a shot of caffeine to boost micro-circulation and encourage healthy hair growth. I use this as a leave in treatment on towel dried hair before leaving it to air dry of blow drying it and ind it is light weight and undetectable when I have put it into the hair. I usually section my hair into about four sections, spraying this into the roots and massaging it in as I work through the sections.

This treatment has a pleasant smell to it, it isn't my favourite scent, but it does smell nice and non offensive. however you can't smell it too much once you have dried an styled your hair. I like the way this is light weight and becomes so undetectable on my hair as I hate products that leave residue behind. I find the nozzle easy to spray and you can feel where the product has been sprayed in the hair as it give it a wetter feel, but you don't need a lot cover the root area.

I feel like this really does contribute to the condition of my hair and works with my hair to help it grow healthy and strong. I love that this is a root treatment and it works with the roots to promote growth of strong hair rather than strengthening the ends to prevent breakage as I find my hair to be in good condition from regular trims.

Overall I really do love this product, it is undetectable on my hair and I don't know that it is there. I feel like this works as a great source of growth promotion if you want something to incorporate into your hair care routine without having to change things up too much or invest in new shampoo and conditioner, this is a great leave in treatment that would work in conjunction with something like an oil that goes more on the ends of the hair. At £11.99 on Boots here this isn't the cheapest product, however they often do 3 for 2 or 3 for £15 which is a great bonus and I tend to take advantage of these when I am ready to stock up on these sorts of products! 

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