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Lee Stafford Argan oil anti frizz serum spray

Back when I went to the clothes show I bought a 'blind bag' style goody bag from the Lee Stafford stand, it was something like £20 and had loads of products in and I was excited to try them all out. I was less excited to receive the anti frizz spray as my hair tends to be frizz free except for when I get caught in the rain or if it is really humid summer. I saw the opportunity to test this out through the rainy British weather we seem to regularly get and i have come up with a valid opinion on this since testing it, which I am really pleased about as I almost passed this on without trying it. 

The product is in a hair spray like can which I really like as it is easy to use and easy to control how much you spray. The nozzle gives a light fine mist onto the hair which is perfect, with this being oil based I was worried it would make my hair too shiny, or greasy looking and so was very cautious to begin with but soon realised the fine mist gave very precise application to the hair. 

I spray the hair, as directed, about arms length away into the mid lengths and ends of the hair in order to cover the areas that my hair tends to frizz. I don't generally apply this to the roots as I feel the root area may be more prone to looking greasy if it does become a heavier product, and I don't tend to get much frizz near the roots. The product has a slight oil like feel to the hair, but in the way that it gives the hair the shine and slight shiny-slip feeling when you have used a hair oil and your hair just feels really silky and smooth. It gave my hair some shine and made it look healthy and in lovely condition. 

My hair is naturally straight, but if it gets wet or is in humid weather it gets a little bit frizzy and has a really strange frizzy wave to it. I wouldn't say my hair gets overly frizzy, I definitely have friends who have more frizz issues than I do, but I still knew this would make a difference if it was good. 

I sprayed this on my hair in the morning, I tend to do this just after a weather check and if it raining when I first go to leave the house I would spray it. I did a light spray across the mid lengths and ends to cover the hair in a fine mist to protect it. I road tested this for a couple of weeks on all the appropriate days and was able to see what difference this made. I also found I could spray a light spray on day one,  and give it a light spray on day two hair and still have it look shiny and healthy. 

My hair when it would normally go frizzy held up so well against the rain, I found it tamed my frizz but I was also left with a much nicer wave in my hair than the wave I usually get as it was smoothed and look like I had intentionally styled my hair with a wave. I cannot believe the difference this has given my hair when it gets damp and I know for sure I will be passing this on to my mum to road test a she gets frizzy hair in the damp weather too and I think she will enjoy testing it out. 

At £9.99, it is an affordable product for its size, and while I cannot say for sure that it will do wonders for really frizzy hair it definitely tamed my issues, and I think it is one that is worth picking up to test out if you are in the market for a anti-frizz hair care treatment. You can find the product on Boots here if you want to read a little bit more from the brands perspective of the product, but I think it is one I will definitely be keeping on my hair shelf for damp days to tame any frizz that might make an appearance! Let me know in the comments what your favourite hair care product is as I love testing out new things and I am always looking for product recommendations of comparable products. 

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