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Kiehls Midnight recovery facial cleansing oil

Cleansing oil is one of my favourite way to remove my make up. It just seems to get into every bit of my skin and eyelashes and work all the make up off. I have a trusty Body Shop one I always go back to, but I was intrigued by the Kiehl's cleansing oil sample I got when I went to the event. I actually ended up with two samples, one from Nottingham's catwalk shows when the Kiehl's on wheels van was in Nottingham and one at the Leicester event. 

The sample comes in a little packet but the full sized product comes in a pump top bottle which is my preferred way of this type of product being dispensed so I know I would be very pleased with the packaging if I bought the full sized product. The sample was 3ml and I managed to get two full uses out of it and so I know a little bit goes a long way and this would last a long time.

The product has a botanical scent which is lovely but not too overpowering, and really makes me feel the apothecary connections Kiehl's has as a brand.The oil cleanser wasn't greasy and had a lovely feeling when worked between the hands and applied to the face. It works into the make up and into the skin easily and breaks down the product quickly and effortlessly. I could work this between my lashes without irritating my eyes, as well as seeing my foundation, eye make up and lip colour break up quickly. 

I applied the cleansing oil to my dry face, massaged it in a little to begin breaking down the product working it into my skin, then applied water to turn the cleanser into more of a milk cleanser for a few seconds before washing this off with a flannel. I feel like this got every bit of my make up off and left my skin feeling soft and beautiful. 

I have a cleansing oil that I have been using for quite a long time and I think this is very good and it would make the perfect replacement for the one I have, although I am equally happy with both. At £32 this cleanser is quite expensive, however it is made from really lovely ingredients and you get the quality for the price. I do feel this is out of my budget for skin care, but only because I have a lovely one that works as good for a fraction of the cost, but you can bet this is something I am going to look out for in a travel size, or a kit in order to use this again alongside some other products in order to get the best value for my budget. If you want to check out more about this cleansing oil you can find it on the Kiehl's site here, and you can learn more from the brand to give you a better understanding of the product. I'd love to know what your favourite cleanser is! 

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