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Hospital and recovery pyjama haul

When I go into hospital I am having key hole surgery on my abdomen, I will be on bed rest and wont want anything that may be tight or restrictive on my stomach area. I knew I would probably be at home and want to be comfy in pyjamas while I recover so I decided I needed a trip into town to pick up some nighties as I only really have tops and bottoms for pyjamas and they wouldn't work out for me in recovery. 

When shopping I wanted to be sure I was only buying things I could reuse and would wear again as I do like nighties in the summer so I know I will wear them as it warms up. I decided the first thing I needed was one in a size bigger than I would normally buy. I opt for the 6/8 sizing in the nighties usually and so I went for the 10/12 size for when I first come out of surgery as it will be really baggy, have no restrictions and still cover me up to not feel uncomfortable. I decided to go for a light pink one with a cute embroidered bunny face on the front as it is really cute and says 'every bunny needs some bunny' with some cute diamante glue on gems around it. This one was £4.50 and I know I hat although it is a bigger size than I need I will be able to get a lot of use from it when I come out of hospital as well. 

The next one I got was another light pink colour, this time in a 6/8 knowing I would be feeling better and less bloated after a day or so. This one has an almost sketch like, outline drawing of Winnie the pooh floating down from the clouds with a giant silver balloon. I adore this one and think it is so cute, and think it will really cheer me up when I am recovering. This one was £5 as it is Disney and so you do pay a little bit more, but they are made from such lovely material and are so beautiful and comfy that they are such a bargain for the quality. 

I feel like I have a bit of a theme, as the first two were light pink and now I have two stripey ones! The first of the two is a cute beige and cream striped night dress which has beautiful sketched illustrations of Bambi, Thumper and the other rabbits on, and was just far too cute for me to pass up! I also got this in a 6/8 as I know it will fit well and I didn't want too many in the larger size. I adore the soft look of the drawings and the light colour of the night dress, it is so feminine and cute that I couldn't pass it up. Also £5, this is a great classic Disney one I know I will get a lot of use from. 

Last up on the night dress front, and another Disney one is a black and white striped version with Simba on the front and a quote box across the front saying 'Maybe tomorrow'. I love The Lion King so this one was one I thought was also so cute, and I decided that I probably wont feel up to much, so most things will have to wait until 'tomorrow' so it made me chuckle and was something I knew I would want to wear a lot too. I decided to get this in a 6/8 as well as they are still baggy and have room in them for comfort and so I know I can get away with them, and I want the majority to fit perfectly when I have healed. 

The last thing I have picked up for my operation is some thick over the knee socks, I know I wont be able to wear bottoms for at least a couple of days without feeling uncomfortable, and so I decided, knowing I will be in the house the majority of the week in a night dress I wanted some long socks to cover my legs so I don't get cold or feel too exposed. I spotted these for £1 down from £3 and decided to grab the last pair they had and I know I will wear them in winter with long leg boots too, so I will more than get my moneys worth out of these, especially at the bargain £1 price tag! 

I am going to take my dressing gown from home in order to be comfy as I really don't need a new one, and I will make sure I have some back up slippers just to be sure I can be as comfy as possible. I am so excited for my new pyjama selection and I am looking forward to wearing them and being comfortable while I heal! I plan to do lots of reading and blog planning while I am off as it will be easy to do on my laptop from my bed or the sofa, and so you can expect lots of exciting content that will be prepped and planned in advance for June!

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