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Clarins gentle foaming cleanser

Clarins is a brand I have barely dabbled in, I don't tend to invest too heavily in my skin care as I know things on the high street work well for my skin as it isn't particularly sensitive and I have only had a reaction to one or two products in the whole time I've been using proper skin care. I was very excited to get a sample of their foaming cleanser to try out as I do like a good foaming cleanser when I am not using an oil to remove heavy make up. Having a sample is such a nice way to test it out and determine if I wanted to buy it full sized. 

The cleanser comes in a squeeze tube which I like as it makes it really easy to squeeze out the amount of product you need, and the thicker slightly creamier texture is easy to control as it comes out. I find the squeeze tube really nice to work with and store. I find a small amount goes a long way and you really do only need a pea sized amount to make it foam up on the skin and work well.

I wet my face and applied a small amount of the cleanser to my face and worked it into the skin. I found this foamed up quickly and efficiently making it a pleasure to work with. I found the foam was really nice and worked into the skin well to clean up the way it looked. The scent reminded me of a bar of soap, but not in an overpowering way, just the standard soap kind of smell that makes you think of being clean. 

The cleanser left my skin feeling soft and smooth, I tend to have good skin anyway so in week or so I have been testing this out I can't tell you if it has cleared up any spots or anything like that, but it certainly hasn't provoked my dry patch of skin on my cheek or shown any signs of reacting to my skin, and I tend to know within about three days or so how my skin is reacting to something and so after a week I have a reasonable idea of what might become a problem. I enjoyed the product and while, especially after yesterdays talk of a spending ban, I don't think I will spend £20 on this right now it is one that I really like for a foaming cleanser and I definitely recommend it if it sounds like something you would be in the market for! You can find the product on the Clarins site here if you want to learn more about it! Let me know your favourite cleanser in the comments below so I can explore other ones on the market too! 


  1. I have this sample but haven't gotten around to trying it as I'm still using my favourite - The body shop camomile cleanser. I'm also using the simple cleansing oil which is a good one! xx

    1. I love the body shop camomile range! I haven't tried the simple cleansing oil, but I will definitely give it a go as I love cleansing oils! x