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Benefit goof proof brow pencil

For years I didn't try much from Benefit, I wasn't sure where to start and felt it was slightly higher priced than I wanted to pay when at college, and then I branched into brands like Urban Decay and I pilled all my money into their products and things like the Naked range. In the past year or two I have began to experiment a lot more with Benefit make up and have come to see there is a lot I have been missing out on! Brows is also something I barely got into until I tried the Gimme brow and so I was excited to be able to try out the brow pencil!

The pencil packaging matches the rest of the range with the iconic silver packaging and the diamond like style caps. I really enjoy the way these are packaged and the pink writing and logos set the product off nicely. The pencil is twist up which I really like as you can guarantee I will travel and forget my sharpener and have to go without brows for the duration! The pencil is easy to hold and control and I was really pleased with the way it felt in my hand. 

The colour was a lovely match for me and I was pleased with the way it looked on m brows. The product has a triangle like shape to it meaning you have a thinner point for detail and a slightly larger end you can tilt it onto to get a thicker area of colour. I found this easy to control and while I am not great at brows, I was able to create a nice look that still looked natural and lovely with my brow shape. 

I spent weeks testing this, and never reviewed it when I first got it but had formed an opinion and new my thoughts on it before testing out a couple of other product to review and write about. It was a good couple of months that I didn't use this for so maybe its entirely my fault, but imagine then coming back to the product that has been stored correctly had the lid on properly and all those kinds of things to find it has dried out almost 3/4 of the way down. The pencil wouldn't draw a single line on my hand never mind my brow and in the end my only option to salvage the smallest 1/4 of product I could was to snap the dried up end off and discard it. What a waste of product! 

Needless to say I was very disappointed. At £20 for the full sized product, here, and £10.50 for a travel size here, I was really hoping for something better. I really enjoyed the product and felt it was something that I could work with and really enjoy, not to mention it lasting well and staying a natural finish, yet if I have to waste product because it dries up after a month or so of not using it, I don't feel I can justify the cost. In my opinion this is a lovely brow pencil which works wonderfully on the brows, defining them in a way that looks professional and flawless, yet the product doesn't seem to have a great shelf life. Knowing I will want to put this down for two weeks or a month at a time while I test other products for reviewing on my blog I simply don't feel like I can justify the cost if it is just going to dry out once again, and for that reason this wont be on my repurchase list in the future! 


  1. Oh how annoying!! And most people that love makeup chop and change all the time. And you would think it would be fine with the lid left on. What a bummer!
    Michelle xx | www.thisismybliss.com.au

    1. I know! I was so disappointed!! I love to change products and was so annoyed that this dried up, especially because I am careful to store things correctly! x

  2. I honestly found this to be one of the worst eyebrow pencils I have tried! It was SO dry and so difficult to work with! xx

    1. I found it to be nice for a few weeks when I tested it and when I snapped the end off and got 'fresh' non dried up product it was really good, but this dreid up to the point it had zero colour payoff, definitely not worth it, but sounds like mine wasn't actually a dud product :/ x