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A bit of a spending ban

I don't blog about money, and I certainly don't feel I have to justify or discuss my financial position, but I feel this has been a burning topic in my mind for a while now. Do you ever get to the week before pay day and think 'Where did all my wages go?!' I'm usually pretty good with money, and I spend the majority of 2016 saving as much as I could from my wages to save for the wedding. Since the wedding I have been lapse at saving, don;t get me wrong I still save money and move money to my savings on pay day, but it seems to disappear. The payday at the end of April saw me save the amount I did when I was saving for the wedding, leaving me money for bills, and only a small amount for extras. So why did I do it? 

I am a beauty junkie, I have been know to browse for 'new' stickers in the past and just buy anything I liked the look of to give a go and review, and that kind of thing. I have been able to really evaluate when I have that is new and what I can be trying out since putting the 'new' products on designated shelves to show me what I have yet to review. Can you believe I have planned out every post for May and every post for June, I have some pictures left to take and I do need to write a lot of these posts, but I have enough products to do two months worth of posts without buying anything new? Well I have two haul posts this month, but they are clothes and one is a wardrobe update and one if for when I have to be careful what I wear post op, but make up and beauty wise... 

I feel like I sometimes a little bit careless with money when it gets towards the end of the month, once my bills are paid and there is food in my cupboards and my house is warm and comfy, I know I have the freedom to spend whatever is left. I have indulged a little over the past few months, we have eaten out, been shopping and all those kinds of things and I have left little money at the end of the month before pay day, and I am really bored of it. 

This month I wanted to prove to myself I do not need any extras, I will buy make up and beauty forever, I am like that, and you can tempt me with new shoes for years to come and I will buy some, so I want to change it. I have worked out the money I need for my bills exactly to the pence, and moved almost everything else to my savings, I left a bit extra just for maybe a few extras in the food shop, or just in case and I can move extra over at any time. I then worked out a definite amount I wanted to save, that I knew would have to stay in my savings. I then went on to look what I had left and spare. I deliberately left some to spend, but not a lot. So what exceptions to spending do I allow myself?

I had allowed the MACxFleurdeforce lipstick as an item I was aloud to buy, however my husband is now buying me that as a birthday present for my birthday next month so I wont need to pay for that now. I have a Lush event coming up in the next week or two and I have allowed myself a maximum of three items spending when I am in store as I haven't been in store for a while and don't want to not be able to get a few items when I am there if something stands out. I am also allowing myself £20 (big spender!) for beauty items I don;t need to pick up, but may need in either travel size for the hospital or for instance I wont need a wash off cleanser but I may want some face wipes to freshen up after I come round, that type of thing. 

Have you ever done a spending ban or something similar? I can't wait to hear about your experiences, and even thought I am loosely following it I think its a good start and I wont feel I need to buy anything if I allow myself a little bit of spending money, where as I know I will want something if I tell myself I can't have anything! I am hoping to stick it out until I get paid on the 22nd May, so I will report back how I get on! 


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing how you get on with this! I have been terrible with money lately. I know I could be putting a lot more into savings than I am and ok. I'm going to start a weekly spending diary over on the blog from next week!

    Charlotte | www.discoveringcharlotte.co.uk

    1. Its looking good so far, but I hope I can do it! I'm hoping it will be good and help me do a similar thing next month as I know I can do it, I just end up buying things I dont need haha!

  2. I've been so bad with money since our wedding too, I'm really trying to reign it in! xx

    1. I think its when you don't have such a definite goal to save to, it seems to run away with me when I have a little bit more spare cash! x