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Urban Decay vice liquid lipstick Firebird

The urban decay vice liquid lipsticks are one of the newer releases from Urban Decay and I couldn't wait to get my hands on them. I couldn't decide between a few different colours but went for the shade called Firebird as it was different to a lot of colours I had in my collection and it looked far to pretty in the tube to not take home. I really like the matte formula and liquid lipsticks are one of my favourites at the minute so I decided I needed to give these a go as Urban Decay have never let me down yet in my search for make up. 

The packaging of the liquid lipstick is reminiscent of the original vice lipsticks with the lid of the product being the deeper gunmetal grey colour of the lipstick lid, with a golden toned ring at the top of the product container. The product then has the clear tube to show the colour of the product and would be a good indication of how much is left when you have used a lot of the product. I think the packaging looks sleek and nice and is a nice shape and size to use and store. The product has a doe foot applicator when makes it really easy to apply the product to the lips and picks up the right amount of product to distribute it streak free and evenly on the lips. 

I picked out firebird from the range as it was a beautiful pink based purple tone with a subtle blue based shimmer. It is described on the website as a deep fuchsia colour which I think sums it up nicely. The shimmer is so beautiful but very subtle on the lips but I didn't expect a lot of shimmer. The colour is beautiful and a stand out colour in my collection which is what I looked for in picking a shade to allow me to grow my current lipstick collection.

The formula has a smooth finish and applies evenly and smoothly onto the lips in a smooth creamy formula the is comfortable. The formula stays wet for a few seconds to allow it to be worked with and to get an even, full coverage on the lips before it dries down. The formula looks lovely on the lips, but being matte it is a little less forgiving than a cream formula, meaning the cracks and lines on your lips do show through the formula, but if you take care to moisturise your lips and keep them in the best condition they can, it will help with the overall finish of the product.

I applied the product and it felt comfortable on the lips, lasting well when just going about my daily tasks. For lunch I usually have a combination of a sandwich, maybe some crisps, food that is of that nature, I found this wore slightly but not too obviously. I found I could drink out of a cup without leaving a print on the cup, and with minimal wear. The product claimed to be waterproof, so I tested the claim in a way I thought was a more natural and likely to happen. I licked my lips. Admittedly I did make sure they were more wet than they would be should I just be licking my lips after eating, but sadly the colour did break up and ball up on the lips, so I was quite disappointed in the way this stood up to the waterproof claim. Excuse the swatch, I am slowly working out the best angles to photograph my less than photogenic face!

Overall, I feel like the lipstick is a bit of a disappointment, its a lovely colour and I will use it as I like the way it looks on the lips, however the formula doesn't work out like I thought it should. At £15.50 I can honestly say I have used ones from the high street at a fraction of the cost that have far surpassed the quality of this one. I am so disappointed with the quality as I really had high hopes for this and was hoping to pick up more of these when I am next at the counter, however I will stick to the normal lipstick line from now!

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