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Urban Decay Backtalk comfort matte lipstick

Urban decay have been a brand I always look towards when I want beauty, with the release of the Naked palette back in 2010 sparking my love for the brand and me sticking around to see what else they offer ever since! It has only been in recent years I have actually got into lipsticks more, and a couple of years ago I got a set of smaller lipsticks in a christmas set and fell in love with the formulas and finishes. When they reformulated the lipsticks I didn't pick any up straight away, however I did have a make over at Urban Decay and got to try this lipstick and thought it was a beautiful colour for everyday and decided to pick it up.

The packaging is a beautiful sleek tube that looks like it is a metal finish, but without the weighty finish metal would give. The plastic tubing is sturdy and feels very secure with the lid being slightly rigged for easy grip and it just feels nice to hold while being barely noticeable that it is textured. the lid is a slightly gun metal deep grey colour that looks lovely and is really nice. while the tip of the pull out part of the product is a lovely gold tone. The lid is very secure on the product, but it is also very easy to hold the gold section and the lid to pull them apart to get the product out. I did worry it may be a little hard to grip and open but it is really easy.

The lipstick is described as a mauve nude pink. On paper I thought this would be too nude and too warm for my liking but it is such a beautiful shade that I couldn't believe how it looked on when the lady on the counter put this on me, and I can totally see why this is a best seller!For me the colour is a nude that edges on the side of a pinky/mauve tone, but is one I would feel completely comfortable in everyday with a lot of different looks.

The formula of the lipstick is comfort matte and so it is designed to be a matte finish that is more comfortable to wear than a normal matte colour. I don't find matte products too bad despite getting quite chapped lips, as long as I moisturise my lips well within my skin care routine it isn't usually an issue. The product glides onto the lips with minimal effort and gives full even colour coverage with one swipe. I find the shape of the lipstick really easy to work with and to get the shape of my lip line as well which is great as I don't tend to use a lip liner!

The finish is a nice slightly cream formula but has a nice matte look finish. It doesn't go as matte as some of the other lip colours I have used, but it is really nice at giving a matte look while not being really drying. This has a creamy feel on the lips and although it is very lightweight and I can't feel it on the lips, when I do rub my lips together the product feel smooth and not dry. The colour lasted really well on my lips, even holding up through eating which is usually the one time I know I will have to replace my lipstick. The lip colour did leave an imprint on my coffee cup and so I think prolonged drinking would make it wear away, but it has held up a lot better than some other lipsticks I have tried. However, I should point out that this wears really evenly on me and so you don't notice the wear you get from drinking coffee 

At £15.50 these are definitely a high end lipstick, which you can find here. I was so impressed with the formula of these and found that it was a true comfort matte colour that didn't dry out my lips and looked so nice on. I definitely have a few more colours on my wishlist from Urban decay but need to pop along to a counter to swatch the colours to decided between a few different ones before I pick up some more, but mark my words I will be! I definitely recommend these if you are looking for a non drying matte lip! 


  1. i want this lipstick so bad its beautiful xx

    1. It is definitely a staple in my beauty collection now! x

  2. I swatched this at the galentines event and love the shade! they do this colour in their liquid lipsticks now too! xx

    1. I was torn between it in the lipstick or matte liquid version, but thought the lipstick was more my preference, I have a liquid matte colour to review soon though! x