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Sleek Solstice highlight palette

The Sleek solstice highlighter palette is a much coveted beauty product in the blogging world. I am still relatively new to all the contour and highlight things going on and never want to look too over done, along with my skills not fully being up to scratch with the whole trend I don't want to be rocking any make up disasters! I got the palette in a set, but I had been eyeing it up anyway so knew it was one that was on my radar to buy, and I was glad to finally have chance to try it out and see what I thought to it. 

The palette is a beautiful mirrored rose gold finished palette that has a beautiful appearance and fits the glowing highlight it encases. I really like the packaging, however, once you start applying make up and get bits of foundation on your hands and handle lots of different product, picking this up leaves obvious finger marks on it, leaving me wanting to constantly clean the packaging.

Inside the compact the lid has a full sized mirror which is perfect for using when travelling or if you just want a smaller mirror while doing your make up. I like that it has the mirror as I do often use it to check my make up from other angles, or use it as a close up mirror if I am doing something like eyeliner. The palette has the four pans arranged on the left side and on the right side there is a small brush. I don't particularly like the brush but I think in a real push if I was travelling or didn't have many brushes I could make it work, but I do prefer the other brushes I own.
The palette has four products in it and a brush to apply them with. The top left shade is the only cream product in the palette and is a bronze shade, it has too much sheen to be used as a contour, but would work as a bronzer or bronze highlight. I didn't really get on with this product, I am too pale to use this as a highlight shade and I am not into bronzer as a personal beauty preference. It wasn't necessarily disappointing, just wasn't a product I would have ever reached for individually. 

The next shade is a beautiful pink toned highlight shade. This has amazing colour pay off and works beautifully on the cheekbones to create a glowing pink based highlight. I find I can apply this slightly lower onto the cheeks to work as a glowing blush if I use a light hand, but I only really use it as a highlight regularly. 

The bottom left shade is a yellow, golden toned highlighter. I was a little unsure about this as thought it may come up a little too yellow on the skin, however it is a lovely sheen that doesn't look too golden which is perfect. The reflect on this is really lovely and is a natural looking glow that I would gravitate to if I wanted a neutral highlight colour. 

The last shade is a bronze toned highlight. I feel this is a little on the warm side for my pale skin as it does have a bronze undertone to the colour. I found that in the current, not so warm weather it was a bit too bronzed summer goddess looking, and so although it isn't my cup of tea right now, this would look lovely in the summer if I do decided to add a bit of bronzer, or warm up my complexion with a little bit of fake tan as it will give me a lovely summer glow.

The colours are all really lovely and really pigmented. They apply really well and have great staying power lasting all day on the skin. At £10 I feel like palette is really good value for money, however I feel I will get more use from some colours than others. You can find the palette here if you are interested in shopping for it, or seeing the other shade variations you can get it in. I really recommend the palette if you are new to highlighting as it is super easy to work with, or if you are a highlighter lover as the colours are so beautiful they are a must have to add to your collection. Whats your favourite highlighter products?


  1. I have been trying to get my hands on this but it is always sold out. But I haven't given up hope yet that it will be added to my collection. Xx

    1. Its so popular! Do keep trying though it will be so worth it! x