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Self care and self love.

Sometimes you feel like your lost, drifting through life in an endless cycle, and endless routine that you keep yourself in to keep everything in check and you forget to step back and really assess where you are as a human. I feel it is so important that we regularly make sure we take time for ourselves and really make the most of caring for ourselves. I have banged on about my health problems in a very private way, but I don't want to say too much on the actual condition until I am sure where I am with my health and what I am doing. I feel like life can pile up on us a lot and we eventually feel so weighed down that we just need to relax, distress and unwind. 

There are usually a few different things that can help me to really unwind and really make myself feel better when I feel I am carrying the weight of the world.

The first is talking to my husband, or friends and family. This is usually someone I trust a lot and know will be supportive of whatever I tell them. I can tell my husband anything and he will always support me and continue to help me grow and develop in life. A problem shared is a problem halved! I always feel so much better when I have finally said something out loud, and while it can sometimes be hard to do, it is such a huge relief that it is so worth it. Not only that, but they can advise you, or help you if you have a struggling workload, or feel you have too much going on, maybe they can take some of the weight off, even just in other areas to help you feel better. 

I love to give myself a pamper. I am never far from a bath bomb, or trying a new face mask, and I really love to remind myself I am worth taking the time to look nice and really give myself the care and attention I need. Giving yourself a pamper and making yourself feel good is so important, it makes you relax and unwind and you will feel much more put together for a little bit of self care. Maybe treat yourself to a new face mask or bubble bath and relax. 

Lastly, reevaluate why your feeling down, or unhappy! For some things, you cannot change them, the worries and fears I have of surgery are only something I can anticipate and wait until its over, but I know health wise I need it, I could go on without it, but I'd never fully know the extent of the problems and it may even get worse! Is it the people you surround yourself with, is it that you want to apply for a university that you are worried you wont get into and have talked yourself out, have you been rejected for a job? Look at the core reason your unhappy and decide how to change it, I'm not saying you have to change to be happy, I'm not saying loose weight if your unhappy with the way you look, but what about a shopping trip, try on some clothing styles you haven't tried before and embrace your looks, find a way of turning the negative into a positive and work towards a happier you! 

It is so important we look after ourselves and make ourselves happy, we are writing our life story every day, the one we will tell our kids, our grand kids, and the people we will meet in the future. Make every day count, and while they wont all be easy, they will all have a purpose, even if its just to show us what isn't making us happy so we can change it! 

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