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Rimmel BB cream radiance Very light

I used to love BB cream and I remember when the Garnier BB cream launched I used it all the time, and then I moved on to a 17 one from boots when I was at uni and got to test it out, and I have always known they would be something I looked towards for a bit lighter coverage when I want something to give my skin a boost but not give too much coverage and look too full on. I have had this and been using it for quite a long time, and I confess, I never got round to reviewing it because some days I love it, and others I cant stand the stuff! 

The packaging is a lovely squeeze tube which is really easy to use and get product out of. It takes a few uses to figure out how much product you need when you have to guess how much a pump worth would be if you aren't used to squeeze packaging, but I just put a bit on the back of my hand and apply more as I need it. I like that the cap is really secure and I feel like the packaging is very strong and will hold up really well.

I bought the shade very light as I am basically as pale as it gets, so I new it would have to be the lightest shade. The shade is a really good colour match for my skin tone and while this is all personal, and dependant on your skin tone. I feel like they shade range is quite limited, but it is worth having a look at the shades to see what they have that may suit. 

The product has a smooth consistency that feels nice and is smooth. However, the product is one I can't decide if I like or not. I find this applies so beautifully some days and my skin looks fantastic and the most flawless it can, and then some days this is the worst possible thing I could be putting on my face. It is so frustrating. 

On a good day, with a nice primer, the one I have under the product in this picture is the Laura Mercier foundation primer, I do have concealer and powder on here too, but you can see my skin looks smooth, and well finished and looks pretty lovely for an everyday BB cream, and on days like this I want to stock up and buy 20 tubes of it as it is affordable and easy to have on hand. Maybe excuse my face, this was a late evening, a photo taken after I had been out for dinner and was thinking of doing an outfit of the day and so I look a little tired and not so fresh!

Yet other days, either with a different primer underneath or sometimes without a primer underneath it appears like in this picture. I sometimes begin applying this and know it will be a fail day and once it begins to look like this it can only be saved by washing it off. I can't pin point it to my skin care, but I know it works less well over some primers, for instance the Maybelline  baby skin primer is one I know I cant use under this as it just doesn't work and makes it look like the one above. I also know it cant be the primer as I wear it under other foundations and it works fine, I probably also say, this isn't on dry skin or anything like that either, so I cannot understand why it does this!

I always feel like I want to reach for this as it can look so flawless and beautiful, but it is so temperamental and I find I have days where I just don't have the time to risk it not looking perfect and so I opt for other products over this one. I also feel that this, on its good day is one of the nicest products I have used and know other people who love it, but on its days where I just cant get it to work in any way when I do exactly the same thing as usual and it doesn't work. 

Overall at £6.99 it is a good price that I could afford to spend without breaking the bank, but I just feel I can't repurchase this, and I go through phases where I try to use it a lot to try and use it up, and then I pop it back in my drawer for a few weeks because I'm so annoyed that it doesn't work properly! You can find this on Boots here should you want to give it a look, however I don't really know if this is something I would particularly recommend. 


  1. I love this! It's very natural looking :) <3

    1. It is really nice when it goes on well, perfect for everyday! x