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Pur minerals Impact plus mascara

Pur minerals is a brand I hadn't really heard of or seen much about until it was in my advent calendar at Christmas. I was intrigued by the Impact plus mascara as I hadn't heard anything about this product and so was excited to see how it performed and what it could do for my lashes. I feel like name Impact+ suggests this will give my lashes length and volume, and I was excited to find out how it would work for me and see what it would do to my lashes.

The mascara comes in sleek silver coloured packaging with shiny silver writing on the tube. I really like the packaging it feels nice and looks lovely. The logo is easy to see and the name on  the packaging is distinct and easy to recognise. The brush is a really nice bristle brush with slightly wider gaps between the bristles than I am used to. 

The product applies onto my lashes really well and gives the a nice coat of mascara to my lashes. The formula is slightly wet, but more of a tacky feel and not one that will smudge onto the skin if you apply it and your lashes catch your skin. I often struggle with using a full sized mascara wand on my bottom lashes and usually reserve a mascara just for bottom lashes as the brushes can be huge and just not work for me personally but this works so well in my opinion and gives me effortless and smudge free bottom lashes with minimal effort and I know the brush works and the formula leaves my lower lashes looking beautiful.

The product is called Impact plus, however I wouldn't say it gave the drama I would assume it would. This makes my lashes longer, but not overly thick, while also not being overly long. I would say this is the perfect lengthened look for daytime, but not the most voluminous one if you are looking for a wow mascara. I love this as an everyday mascara but the name is a little misleading in my book as I really did hope for more of a wow factor! 

The mascara wears really well and looks lovely on the lashes and is one I am so pleased with, if it wasn't called Impact plus and made me want more from the product. At £19 one Look Fantastic here I feel like this is really over priced for an average mediocre mascara, as I have used ones on the high street for around £7 that have worked much better! I will continue to use this and use it up a it is lovely, but I will not consider repurchasing as it doesn't warrant the price tag! 


  1. That does seem really expensive for a mascara that isn't brilliant. I totally agree that you can get perfectly good mascaras for much less.

    1. I know! I'm going to have a hunt in Boots and Superdrug to find some good budget ones! x