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No7 Match Made Stay Perfect Lipstick Raspberry silk

No7 is a brand I have dabbled in and out of, using a lot of their skin care over the years as well as a range of beauty products they have to offer. No7 run some excellent promotions throughout the year, regularly doing £3 off make up and £5 off skincare with vouchers in store, making the products more affordable and the incentive of the advantage card points is always one that draws me to Boots when beauty shopping. In the past I have explored a few different lipsticks from No7, but I haven't tried this range. This is a product I received in a little bundle that Sherry over at Sherry Scribbles put together when she hosted a lovely get together for our little group of bloggers who often find ourselves at the same events. I was so pleased to receive this as one of the little gifts and was so excited to test out the colour and finish of the product. 

The packaging is a gunmetal silver which looks like it is metal but is a lovely lightweight plastic which makes it easier to travel with and pop into your handbag without any extra weight. I really like the way the lipstick can be turned right down into the bullet of the lipstick without any of the product sticking up as it minimises the risks of it getting caught or rubbing on as many products if they lid wasn't put on properly.

The product has a beautiful creamy formula, it glides on the lips and gives instant opaque colour on the lips which looks beautiful. The formula feels lovely on the lips and is one that I enjoy wearing as it is comfortable. has an almost matte finish, but feels so comfortable and non drying on the lips that it is perfect for everyday. 

The colour is described as Raspberry silk, and definitely is a beautiful raspberry pink shade that has a soft silk feel. The colour is bright and vibrant and it is one I can already tell I will wear a lot in the summer when the warmer weather shines again and we aren't back to big jumpers and promises of snow! 

The lipstick has really great staying power, and even though it transferred onto a glass or cup and onto the food I have eaten where my lips touched it, it still looks flawless and barely faded. The wear on this is so comfortable and so effortless it needs minimal attention. Although I would still carry the lipstick with my and probably would need to top it up through the day to keep it at its peak opacity and vibrancy it is one of the more long lasting lip sticks I have tried that isn't a full matte formula.  

At £9.95 I feel like this is a really good investment, at full price it is slightly higher than I would expect on the high street, however they often have 3 for 2 promotions or the £3 off make up vouchers which all contribute to bringing the costs down. I also think they offer a lipstick matching service where you can be matched to the foundation and they will recommend shades to you which are complimentary to your skin tone. You can find the lipstick online here, and see the range of shads it comes in, but I recommend you go into store to try them out as there are some lovely ones to choose from! 


  1. I used to work for No7 but ironically never really rated their makeup so I tend not to use it. I used to find it a bit overpriced for what it was. I did like some of their lip products though, so might like this. Their nail varnishes are pretty good too!

    1. I think it is a bit on the pricier side for where it sits on the high street, it has a few gems I have found, and I love that they do the vochures for money off as it makes it a good buy too x