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Models own Myshadow cream shadow 01 Starfish

Models own is a brand I usually gravitate towards for nail polish, I don't usually go to them for other make up, but that is just because I haven't used much of it in the past and so it isn't my instant go to when I think of make up and looking for new things to try. I was really pleased to get some of the make up from them at the Clothes Show when browsing there stand as it reminded me to try more from them.

The packaging of the product is really substantial and comes in a lovely glass jar with a white lid which has the black logo on top. I like that you can easily see the shade of the product through the glass packaging as it means you can easily reach for it when you have it stored and know what colour you are picking out. The product feels heavy and substantial and I really do like the product, it is easy to store, use and hold which is great when you want to do your make up quickly.

The product has a nice creamy formula which is soft and easy to blend. I use this with a brush as it is my preferred way of applying cream shadows, but I think this would work well with your fingers too if you wanted to use them. The colour has a lovely rich pigment that looks stunning on  the eye and gives the coverage and opacity that I was expecting.

The formula is easy to work with and I have been testing it out in a few different ways in order to see what works best. I find that this does crease on me if I wear it on its own without a primer and without powder shadows on the top which I was a little disappointed with as it is such a pretty colour. I did find that with a base, and with shadow on top this gave the shadows a base colour and a bit of a pop that made them look a little more interesting. I did like the way it added depth to an eye shadow look, but feel the shadows did cover a lot of the original colour from the cream shadow.

The Models own cream shadows retail for £6.99 and can be found on their website here. I really wanted this to work as a standalone shadow colour that would apply on the eye and be worn on its own for a quick make up look, however it didn't quite work out like that. I do like this enough to continue using it under eye shadows to use it up, but I wont be purchasing more of these as they just didn't work as I wanted them to on me! What are your favourite cream shadows, I'd love to know in the comments! 


  1. Replies
    1. I love that I can use it as an very day neutral colour and get a lot of use from it x

  2. such a pretty colour. I really feel like they have stepped up their makeup game in the last few months xx

    1. It is lovely, definitely a nice neutral colour x