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Lee Stafford Big texture spray

My hair is fine, flat and lifeless so anything which promises texture, volume or anything that will perk up my hair is a winner in my book and worth a try. I got the Lee Stafford big texture spray at the Clothes Show as part of the goody bag deal they did and I was excited to try it out on my hair. I like the idea it is a quick spray and go product as things like mouse tend to be used on wet hair before drying so if I decide I want volume on second day hair I have missed the calling with mouse. I like that I can use as much or as little on my hair to get a desired effect. 

The spray comes in a thin, tall can that is easy to handle and store which makes it great all round. The packaging is the iconic pink branding of the Lee Stafford range, and it is very iconic and eye catching which I love. One thing I like, and I don't know id it is intentional, maybe it is, but I love the half and half look of the can with the light pink and darker pink, as the product is half hair spray and half dry shampoo. The spray is really easy to use and the nozzle gives a really good distribution of product. 

The product is half dry shampoo and half hair spray. I feel like the dry shampoo gives the texture and the hair spray gives the hold. When you put dry shampoo in your hair I feel like the product gives it a bit of texture and the product almost gives a bit of grip to to the hair. Dry shampoo is really great for making the hair look less greasy if you skipped washing it, but can add more grip to the hair if you have fresh washed hair that seems to slip out of a style.

The hair spray element of the product is the perfect way to hold the volume that the dry shampoo and a bit of a root scrunch create in the hair. I find that it feels quite a fine hair spray that isn't crunchy and definitely gives a flexible hold in the hair. If I run my fingers through my roots I can definitely feel the hair spray where I have sprayed the product, its not really a bad feeling but it does have a texture. 

I was reserved when spraying this as I don't like too much volume, just a natural amount of volume that looks like I didn't do anything to my hair. I sprayed the product in my hair and didn't get any white residue which you can sometimes get with dry shampoo products. I find that the flexible hold of the hair spray portion makes it really easy to re adjust the volume you get at the roots of the hair. I find I can scrunch the roots through the day to keep the volume looking full and lifted from the roots, and to readjust my style. I do feel the volume holds well in the hair, but I like that it is manageable and adjustable through the day.

At £6.99 in Boots, this probably isn't a product I would have thought to pick up, despite my lifeless, flat hair I don't always reach for texture products, however this one was a really nice one, I might go for one without hair spray in future, should I be really picky but I do still like this a lot even though it has the hair spray in. If your in the market for a texture spray I recommend considering this one as it is a really nice one with hold. 


  1. I have quite thick hair, so I tend to steer clear of anything that will add volume, however it has been looking a little flat and lifeless recently so maybe a little boost wouldn't do any harm. As I've mentioned before, I do love Lee Stafford stuff.

    1. It is quite subtle and buildable too, so its worth having a go with to add a little bit of volume or building up for when you want more of a big textured look x

  2. this is interesting I have never seen a half and half product before! I'm not sure how I feel about it! xxx

    1. It is strange but the way it is mixed it feels like it is just one consistency, but knowing it has the two parts you can tell it has the two elements xx