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Kiehls on Wheels and the new Highcross counter in Debenhams

Yesterday I got the chance to spend the evening in Leicester with Kiehl's who have just launched a counter in the Debenhams in the main shopping centre Highcross in Debenhams. We were lucky enough to have nice enough weather to have the event out at the Kiehl's van which was lovely as the weather has been lovely this past few weeks. Kiehl's is a brand I haven't tried much from so it was a perfect way to learn more about their products, the brand and where it all began. The lovely ladies, Hannah; the Kiehl's on wheels business manager and Saffia who is the Keihl's assistant manager at the Nottingham store. 

The van have a display with the history of the brand to give an insight into where it all started. Back in 1851, and across the pond in New York the brand Kiehl's was formulated. It started out with the products being made in the back of the store which was an apothecary developing and making the formulas and products on site. Such a huge history for a now huge brand, and I love knowing that the original store is still around from over 150 years ago. The brand branched out to men's skincare in the 60's and was the first brand to do so leading the way for many to follow. The brand has since progressed to what we know and love today, they do not test on animals, however to meet guidelines in countries in Asia the finished products do get tested on animals in those countries, but only for the purpose of meeting the guidelines those countries enforce in order to sell the products. 

The ladies at Kiehl's passed around a lot of products for us to try, the first one we tried was the Centella skin-calming facial cleanser, this is lovely light, smooth feeling cleanser. The Centella (tiger herb) is known for its antibacterial properties and its wound healing properties. It did feel incredible when it was passed around and we tested it on out hands and it had a lovely, light and non offensive smell that was lovely on the skin. 

We then got to try the Cactus flower mist that is a toner which purifies and hydrates the skin. You can use this on the go, over make up or just within your skin care routine. I decided not to spray this onto my face, but I did spray it onto my hand to test the scent, and see how it felt. The spray was a light fine mist that I think wold be lovely on the face and wouldn't feel too 'wet' like some sprays can leave the face feeling. This has Lavender, geranium and rosemary in, but it had a little bit of a tea tree like scent. I really don't like the scent of lavender so I was really glad that it wasn't an overpowering part of the product. 

The Hydro-Plumping re-texturizing serum concentrate. This is designed to improve the overall appearance of the skin in terms of plumpness and smoothing fine lines. This works into the deeper layers of the skin to offer better hydration and is completely safe around the eye area and so can be used where eye cream would be applied.  This was the one product they said would work for 99% of people and can work to improve skins look and feel. 

Testing the Daily reviving concentrate was really lovely, as a dry oil is doesn't have the greasy feel that some oils can have, I do however wish I could have tried this on my face as I always have an aversion to oils on my hands and so I couldn't fully appreciate this in the same way I would on the face. I do however love the way this smells and the oil did feel nice, if almost alien to use an oil on my hands. The product has ginger root, sunflower and tamanu in, but it has a citrus hint to the product and smells lovely, reminding us all of sunshine through the scent. 

We were then shown the Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream. This has red ginseng root and manuka honey in which help to build a stronger skin barrier to allow skin to reduce signs of aging, look more smooth, refined and glowing. I felt this was a little strange in texture and not like I expected, it was a bit more of a balm that you rub between your hands in order to warm up the product for it to sink into the skin.  I also wasn't keen on the scent, but to be honest, I am not keen on honey in any form, food or scent, so it isn't anything personal to the brand! 

SPF is something I will only use if it is already mixed in with the foundation I am putting on, I never think to use it and I am almost ghost white, usually found indoors or in a long sleeved jacket even in summer... However, it is so important that we use it in the UK and I really want to try and get better at using it this year as I know it is going to help with the way my skin ages. I always think of SPF being thick and heavy like some sun creams are, but the facial ones aren't. the Ultra light daily defense SPF 50 was a light feeling cream that blended in easily and would be perfect to wear as part of your skin care routine. I don't go abroad, so I don't always think I am being exposed to sun the same as we don't get many really hot days in the UK, but I know that we are. I have a sample of this so I am going to test it out on days I am not wearing an SPF foundation. 

While skin care and body care is the main focus of Kiehl's they have a product that can be used as a primer for make up, or just as part of the skin care regime on its own. The Micro-Blur Skin Perfector  instantly diminishes the look of pores and refines skin texture. This offers instant results, and I could see a visible difference in the way the hand I put this on looked compared with the hand I hadn't and was very impressed! However, with prolonged use the look of pores can be reduced and skin can look smoother over a period of time, so I will be looking into this when I am next in the market for a primer as I am trying to work through a lot of my current stash of products. 

I do love a good face mask, and face masks that come in a tub or tube to have multiple uses from the product are a winner in my book and means you always have a firm favourite on hand. I was excited to be given the opportunity to investigate the Turmeric & Cranberry Seed Energizing Radiance Masque. The mask was lovely and felt nice on the skin, it dried down but didn't feel stiff or having the uncomfortable tightening feel some others do. I was then shown how the product can be mixed with a little bit of water to then massage it into the skin and benefit from the cranberry seeds which gently exfoliate the skin to leave it looking smoother, brighter and more illuminated. 

Midnight recovery concentrate is one of Kiehl's best selling products. At one time there was one sold every minute, now there is one sold every 10 seconds. How insane is that! Made with essential oils such as evening primrose oil and lavender oil it is coined beauty sleep in a bottle, working its magic over night while you sleep in order to give the skin a younger look by morning. Tell me you're not intrigued to try this if you haven't, I know I am! 

While I am only 23, they say that prevention is better than cure and a lot of places advise you begin to use anti aging products from around your 20's in order to give your skin some prevention to wrinkles before they start in order to look younger for longer. The Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate is clinically demonstrated to improve the skins texture, tone and radiance in order to maintain a youthful appearance. This felt lovely on the skin and while one pump onto my hand wont show me that 10 years down the line my hand will be less wrinkly, we can hope right? I can say that the formula felt lovely and I definitely think I should start researching and investigating anti-aging and incorporating some into my routine as I'm sure it can only benefit my skin? 

Creme de Corps is the last product we got to test out, and as their standard body butter style product, and me not being overly big on staying on top of moisturising my body I didn't expect to be wowed necessarily. I did find it to be a lovely texture that sunk into the skin quickly and effortlessly which was really reassuring, and is definitely something I look for in a body moisturiser. The product has a high concerntration of ingredients such as shea butter, avocado oil and squalane, which are nurturing for the skin. The website says that continued use for 10 days will leave skin feeling beautifully softer, smoother and hydrated. I love the way this isn't passed off as 'instant' and it gives you a time scale to show the improvements to dry skin in a realistic way. I never expect miracles from one application, but to have a time scale you can relate to and test it against for you skin is a reassuring promise.  

 After testing the products we got to head into the Debenhams store to look around the new counter they have and see all the products out on display there. The counter is well set out and the products are clear to see. You cannot see it in this picture but they have one of the scientific looking skeletons just like the original store have, they still have the same one as they had hen they opened! I think this gives it a true apothecary feel. I think the counter is very pleasing to look at and I would be drawn to it to have a look around if I had just been passing and not intentionally stopping by, or if I hadn't heard of, or tried, the brand I would want to come over and see what it is all about. 

 The girls were so sweet and we were presented with a little package of goodies for going along to the event and I have to say I am so excited to get stuck in and try everything as I have seen so much good stuff about the products I haven't tried yet and a lot of the ones I got I haven't tried so this will be a really great way to give them a bit of a road test and see if I would purchase the full size product, or how I can incorporate it into my routine.  

In the goody bag I have got a 30ml Ultra facial cleanser, I have used this before and know I like it, bur I can do an in depth review of it if you want to know more about it and how it works. I got two 5ml samples of the creme de corps body lotion, I think I am going to give these my husband to try out as he does get drier skin than I do and I know hes been pestering me to give him tips, but he isn't going to use my overly floral body lotions so this should get him started. I have a powerful strength line reducing concentrate sample which I am excited to try in my routine, as I was saying above I need to worry more about anti aging, and this is a great way to start! The midnight recovery cleansing oil is one I have heard a lot of good things about and didn't get to test at the event so I am really excited to have a sample of this as I love cleansing oils a lot. I have a sample of the ultra facial cream, which goes with the cleanser I have tried before, so I have high hopes for this as I am hoping it is similar and works as well as the cleanser. The pure vitality skin renewing cream is the one I spoke about above that I was less keen on, but I will still be interested to see how this works on my face as it does have a lot of skin care benefits. Lastly for sachets I have the facial fuel energizing moisture treatment for men, another that can be donated to my husband, and he will be so pleased to have a 'mens' product he hasn't had to go and pick out in store, I don't know how I can have a shelf full of skin care and he can almost not bother with any.... Last but not least for products, I got the nourishing olive fruit oil shampoo and conditioner, both 30ml, so I am excited to try these. Although I knew Kiehl's do hair care it isn't something I would think to come to them for still so this could swing me to come back to test out more of their hair care, as this is for dry and undernourished hair so I can't wait for it to work its moisture magic and make my hair feel amazing! 

If you made it this far, I almost didn't, I hope you got an insight into the brand and got to see what a range of the products do and have in them as well as understand a little more about where it all began. I had so much fun at the event and now I feel like a kid in a candy store wanting to put everything on my face and test all the samples immediately! Whats your favourite product from Kiehl's? 


  1. It such a fun event and so informative i learnt so much about skincare!xxx

    1. I learnt so much too, I was so glad we got to test all the products they told us about too as I love having a bit of a play with them all and feeling the formulas! x

  2. It was such a good event and the girls knew so much didn't they! I love the Kiehls avocado eyecream, its amazing! x

    1. They were amazing and so knowledgeable! I need to try the avocado eye cream, its on my list for when I need a new eye cream x