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Fashion wishlist

There are a few things I feel I am lacking in my wardrobe at the minute and there are things I am looking to include in my wardrobe to allow me to expand both my professional work wear and my casual fashion for style. I have recently decluttered my wardrobe and shoes, however I am really inspired to go through and declutter it again, just to be sure I have got rid of everything I either wont wear or don't want, same with shoes and bags and make another trip to the charity shop to drop off what I no longer want. This process has also taught me I do not have some key items in my wardrobe which I feel I either need or want but I know will add value to my wardrobe.

The first thing I need to update in my wardrobe is my jeans, the ones I have are starting to show their wear and I know they are beginning to look a little bit tired, and although they aren't quite worn out, I know they need to make their way right up to either the top, or almost top, of my list as I only have one pair of black jeans that are in really good condition, where as my blue denim jeans are beginning to cry out for replacing.

Blazers are one of the key staple pieces I have in my wardrobe. My absolute most worn item in my wardrobe is my black blazer, so much so that I think I have gone through quite a number of them and always seem to have one on. I have a black, white, and burgundy blazer and I have to say they are a total style staple for me. I wear them so much I could actually own one in  every colour and still wear them all until they actually fell apart! I desperately need to replace my black blazer and so that is top of my list as it matches everything, but I want a few more colours to switch it up for summer too.  

I wear trousers all the time, and I would love to have more dresses in my wardrobe that are suitable for everyday and can be worn regularly, especially now the summer months are creeping up on us and giving us the chance to be less confined to warm clothes such as trousers! I feel like I wish I had more dresses to wear and feel a little more girly or dressed up, maybe even just for events I get to go to and such. I just want to mix up what I wear day to day and I think some dresses as we move towards summer would be a great way to do that.

I am planning a few shopping trips in the close future so I will be doing some hauls to show what I have bought and go on to share how I style them up to switch up my style and try out new things over the summer! 

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