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Clarins Santal facial oil

Clarins is a brand I associate with higher end skin care, and because I often try to stick to budget options and have a lot of things on the go at the minute investing in my skin care isn't a priority while budget is working. I wen;t to an event at House of Fraser with Intu Victoria recently and while there the lady on the Clarins counter gave us some samples and recommended us some products based on our skin type to try out and this is one of the things I was recommended. I said I have normal skin with a very temperamental dry patch on one side of my face that can sometimes flare up with no warning or prompting. I was excited to try the facial oil as I have two at home and have really got into using them this year and thought that trying a new one would be a really great way to branch out.

The packaging of the sample is a very substantial glass bottle with a screw cap lid, this will be so perfect to reuse when it is empty for traveling as facial oil is something you do not need to take the whole bottle of as a few drops a day is all you need. The full sized bottle is a glass bottle with a dropper tool which is standard for this type of skin care product. The sample is 2ml, but due to only needing a small amount the product lasts such a long time. 

The product is a yellow oil that is a nice formula, it is runny but slightly on the thicker side to allow it to stay in your palm and work with without feeling like it is running off your hand. The oil has a botanical, apothecary style smell which I don't mind but I know that a slightly stronger smell may put some people off, so maybe see if they have a sample to smell on a counter if you think the smell will be a deal breaker. 

The oil has a lovely feeling on the skin, it applies to the skin easily and doesn't feel heavy. I apply this by dispensing a small amount into my hands, usually a couple o drops if they have a dropper tool. I then work this between my palms to distribute an even layer over my hands and then apply it to my face by patting the skin and working it in with the heat of my hands. This is what feels natural for me and what I feel works best, but if you prefer a different method then you can use that too. 

The product sits well on the skin and my other products such as moisturiser applied well over the top. I really liked the way this worked harmoniously in conjunction with the other products I use and works well when used with other products as I like to be able to just replace the thing I have used up in my skin care rather than feeling the new product wont work with the other things I want to use. 

The product made my skin feel soft, hydrated and smooth and really did make it look lovely. I feel like this worked really well on my skin and although I don't have a dry patch on my skin when I started using this or through the time I have been testing it, I really feel I can tell the difference in how hydrated my skin feels and I feel confident it is stopping my dry skin flaring up again. 

At £33 this is definitely not the cheapest facial oil on the market, however I really do like the product and think it works really well from the time I have been using it. I feel like this is a really lovely facial oil and if I had £33 to spend on a facial oil, and didn't have 2 on the go in my bathroom already, I may be inclined to purchase it, I think in the future I would come back to this as I did like it so much, but as this is only the third one I have ever tried, I think I will test a few more just because I'd like to before committing to a high end version when there are so many wonderful brands on the high street. If you do want to know more you can find this product here, and it will tell you more about the product from a brand perspective. 

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