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April round up

Lets have a moments silence for how quick this year is going. Like, I am sure it can't be getting to the end of April already? Can we have an official time check? Ok, I guess it is the end of April then. I feel, compared to past months this one has been calm, but it has given me so much time to just chill and clear my head and really focus on life again. I had two weeks off work, a hospital appointment and two blogging events, so  nice chilled out month with not a lot going on. 

The first event we went to was the cocktail masterclass at Brass Monkey, this was so informative and was lovely to go along to and really find out more about the Nottingham loves cocktails events that are taking place and the cocktail festival that has taken place in other cities around the UK, and is making its way to Nottingham for the first year. 

I was also invited to a Kiehl's event in Leicester which was so informative and so amazing to attend. I got to learn so much more about the brand and test out a lot of products as they were passed around. I was also given a goody bag with some samples in to test out so I will report back when I think when I have managed to give them a go! The Kiehl's on wheels van is fantastic and a great setting for an event and a true show stopper, the staff are so passionate and you can tell they adore the brand and their job too. 

My health and hospital appointments seem to never really get any closer. I have now had my pre op and been told more about the surgery and reassured on my fears and uncertainties as much as I can until I see the surgeon on the day, but at least I have made another step in the right direction. I am waiting on a date coming through before I can do much else but its all a waiting game. I feel less worried for all the talking and researching, but at the same time I'm not really sure what to think to it all, but I know I will still be a little panicked on the day! 

Having two weeks off and spending time with my husband who booked a lot of time off in the two weeks I had off too was really refreshing. We got to really get back into the swing of things with the house and we got to spend some quality time together evaluating where we are at and thinking about the future. I think its important to have some sort of plans for the future and even if it gets changed or isn't as you thought, and idea of something to look forward to is always good. I feel we have a better idea where we will be in the next few years now and I think its important to try and work towards these goals.

I hope you have all had a fantastic month, and I would love to know what you have been up to if you fancy leaving me a comment! I am looking forward to May and what it will bring, but I warn you it may be another slow month! 


  1. It's been lovely to hang out with you at some events in April. Hope you have a great May (health allowing) and hopefully I'll see you at another event soon!

    1. It has been so lovely to spend time with you too! Its picking up, and I should be ok until towards the end when I have more tests, but Im trying to stay positive x