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April favourites

 April has been a weird month, I haven't used a lot of beauty products over the month but I have had a few that I love and keep going back to without mentioning a few from past monthly favourites and repeating myself a lot! I have a few stand outs, and a huge list of products to try for May and that I have already started trying, and have some amazing reviews coming for you all! 

Lets get started with beauty, as you can see above I have been loving the Sleek Solstice highlighter palette. I have been reaching for this a lot since I tried it out for reviewing and I love it. I love the pink toned shade the most and I think I would buy that individually if they had it as I know that one and the gold toned one will be the two I get through before I make a dent in the other two. I do think I will use the more bronze shades towards the height of summer, but they are a bit deep for my skin tone. I also love the Urban Decay backtalk lipstick, it is such a beautiful nude shade that is so appropriate for everyday and wears so beautifully. I don't know what else so say about this, but I do no that I reach for it a lot and enjoy using it so much I want to go back and buy more from the lipstick range.

The next thing I have been loving is my Filofax, I adore the colour and pattern and I have been so busy this year so far with blog events, appointments relating to my health, (I have my op towards the end of may so expect to find out my diagnosis and such in June if you want to know more) and this is perfect for keeping me in check. I find it so pretty and I am definitely getting so much wear from it and making the most of it, I know I will use it so much, and I can buy new inserts next year to reuse the outside cover and continue to have a beautiful diary!

Lastly, a pair of shoes. You have to excuse two things. One, they have been worn, so if they look less than new I apologise, and two, I don't know if you can buy this exact pair anymore.... I got these shoes from Primark, and I love them. These are my current go to shoes for work and they are smart and look nice for day to day while being comfortable and easy to wear. I always go to Primark for affordable work shoes as I wear them till they are worn out and throw them away to get a new pair. I do a lot of walking and so I get through shoes so quickly, and Primark is really easy to get to for me and affordable too. I adore the embroidery on these and think they look lovely, but the black on black still makes them look more formal.

I have a small selection of things but these are things I have been genuinely loving and really wanted to share with you. As I mentioned there are some amazing products coming over on my blog in May and I have already starting scheduling some of the posts as I have trialed products and got a good idea of how I feel they are working out for me! 

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