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April empties

I sometimes feel like I begin a month and use up loads of products and have loads to talk about and then other months I seem to have barely anything to talk about, and I feel like this one has been a slower month in general using up make up and beauty. I have a few things to share with you all and have a range of things I am hoping to use up in May as well, so I hope to have a bigger set of products to show you next month as I have some things I want to finish up before the end of May.

First up I have the experimenter bath bomb from Lush, I adore this one and it had amazing colours and looked so beautiful in the water when I used it. I love this one and I think it will definitely be one I repurchase from Lush as it is worth the money and a bonus it is part of the permanent line so I can pick it up anytime I fancy! 

I then have  the Lee Stafford hair growth treatment mask. I have reviewed this on my blog, and I definitely think this has contributed to the condition and growth of my hair over the start of the year. I am so pleased with it and I already have another tub on the go!

I then have the MeruMaya melting cleansing balm, this is a lovely cleansing balm, a bit more on the pricey side but I do like it and I may go on to pick it up if I see it on offer or in the future when I have used through the ones I have in my collection as I have quite a few. 

The Kiehl's midnight recovery cleansing oil is the next thing I have used up, I wont say too much about this as I have a full detailed review coming in May, but I do like this, I have another sample to test out before I write up my full review, but so far so good! 

Lastly I have the Rimmel Wake me up foundation, this is in the shade Ivory, this was originally the lightest shade but they brought out a lighter shade not long after I bought this one, and so this one got pushed to the back of the drawer as it is a shade too dark for me. I did use it up and make sure I got as much out of it as I could and sheered it out to make it work. I love this foundation but I will repurchase it in the lighter shade when I go to buy it! 

I'd love to know what you have used up this month and I am interested to know if you are doing anything such as project pan as I am thinking it may be worth giving it a go as I have a lot to use up and get through and it may keep me on track using up more things!

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