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5 things I have learnt through running a blog

My blog is something I can be proud of. I picked the name, made my headers and work hard to post regularly, with me making a commitment to daily posting this year in hopes to continue with this in the future. I feel it is my own space on the internet where it is exactly what I want it to be and can be made into anything I want it to become. I have been blogging and reading blogs for well over 8 years now, through different user names, about slightly different things, but beauty has always been a huge passion and it always comes back round to writing these little blogs. I have toyed with starting a second blog to talk about my health but I have learnt through the process of writing that my blog is a little bit of overly thing, and 'Entirely Sarah' is just that, entirely me and my life that I want to share with you all! I am going to share 5 things I have learnt through blogging and how I got to where I am today.

1, If nobody knows, nobody reads. 
Well this isn't strictly true, as people do discover your blog an dread it through searching online, and by no means am I suggesting you have to post it on your Facebook wall for all your friends to see if you choose not to do that, I don't share mine openly with people as such, but a lot of people find it or know about it and are supportive. However, a little bit of social media connected, twitter, Instagram, that kind of thing helps direct traffic from other sources or just help interact with other people who may be interested in what you are sharing. 

2, You don't need fancy equipment.
I blog from either my PC set up, which I only have a more higher end decent one as my husband is a full on tech lover and is in the PC and electronics trade for his job, or my little netbook which is small enough to blog on the go, or to use at home while I watch TV in the living room. I have always wanted a DSLR and invested in one 2 years ago, not for blogging so to speak, but for general photography and wanting to improve my skills. I can honestly say, mobile phones are fantastic, they take such good photos and all you need is good lighting, either day light or sometimes flash can be good too if your are at a push. I used to take pictures on a compact camera my husband treated me to for Christmas when we hadn't been together long, and it wasn't my best photography, but you could see the product, and the swatch and that was all that mattered. Practice and finding what backgrounds or props make the product stand out are also key as they really do work to improve the photos.

3, Progression takes time.
While I only blog for fun, and have a full time job, we can all agree being a full time blogger would be a great job, and if I could make a living doing it, I probably would consider it, even if I do love my job I trained to be in. I spent a long time blogging and not promoting my blog or not really putting it on social media much as I just wrote for my pleasure, and I think that plays a part in why I didn't get some of these opportunities until now, but I have since begun promoting it more and have received invites to events, been on days out to have meetups with other bloggers and just all round had some great opportunities. However, when I started I didn't know about any of this, and sometimes when we see people doing cool things at really awesome events we do wonder why we aren't there or how we can become the blogger on the guest lists, but remember, it takes time, and you just need to keep promoting you little blog and looking for these opportunities, it only takes a couple of openings and you can get yourself on a few PR lists and get to some amazing events. I appreciate everything I have got to do through blogging and never take it for granted, but I also know that every single bit of hard work is from me and what I have progressed to be as a blogger. 

4, Stick within your means.
Part of blogging you need things to talk about. If you blog about something such as health, or your general life you maybe don't have an expenses for your blog, but something like beauty ans fashion you always want to try the latest products, have the newest handbag or be showing a haul of things you have bought. Live to what you can afford. I don't buy anything I wont use or don't want just to review it.I don't buy clothes for the sake of buying clothes, or buy make up just to show I have the latest release, I buy only what I want. I also only buy props that I love or are so affordable that I choose that over something else. Flowers make my house look pretty but make my blog photos look lovely too. Small ceramic dishes look lovely beside products and I use a free sample of wallpaper as a background for my pictures as it makes it consistent and its bright and light. Its so easy to want to spent loads of money on things you aren't fussed about, but I plan out everything at the beginning of the month and know what I want to buy or how much I need for reviews and what I want to talk about so I don't over buy! 

5, Be yourself!
There are two reasons people visit your blog, they find it because of what you are talking about, and they return because they like you and your style. If you are always true to who you are and blog about what you want, and write in the style you want you can always be proud of what you create. You can be inspired by other people, and I can say my blogging has evolved so much over the years and seeing what other bloggers are doing really kick starts my creativity. If you love someones photography style, be inspired, do you love that they use flowers all the time, if it that they blurry the background and have the focus on the product, do they always have a pop of pink in the photo with a prop or two. See what you think your blog is lacking or where you want to improve, and be inspired but don't copy others as you want to be an individual too. 

Blogging has been an incredible journey so far, and I hope it has so much more to come in the next few years as I adore writing and creating content for you all, and I am so glad you come back to see what I am posting about regularly! What have you learnt through blogging? 

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