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5 blog improvements I want to work on

I have had my blog quite  a while now and really feel inspired to start kicking it up a notch and really putting more thought and time into it, hence I have made the commitment to blog every day this year, not because I feel I should, but because I want to. I love blogging and for a while I let it slip on the back burner and stopped giving it as much care and attention as my hobby deserved. It is my outlet to escape the world, share my thoughts and feelings, and just give a little insight into me where I know people are listening (reading) because they want to hear my thoughts, and my opinion matters to them. I want to share 5 ways I want to continue to improve my blog and grow it to be something I can be more proud of. 

1) Photography
I have a lovely, expensive, good quality DSLR, and a lovely compact camera with brilliant up to date specs, both to use for blogging, potential ventures into YouTube, should I decide, but can I utilise them to their full potential? In short, NO! I haven't a clue what half the functions mean, and don't get me started on how annoyed I feel when I use my £600+ DSLR as a point and shoot camera.... I have upped my photography a lot this year, in my honest opinion, and I am much more proud of the way it looks, however, I still feel I have a lot I want to improve on, and knowing my camera better will really give me the step up I need to make it all come together. My mission this year is a photography course, I have a book dedicated to my specific DSLR model and I must get round to burying my head in it and actually figuring it out! 

2) Utilising social media
I feel like the more I scroll on social media the more I realise the difference it would make to engagement and just sharing my posts easier. I feel I am working hard on my Instagram, but I know my facebook page and my twitter could be utilised better and I could just generally use it more effectively to share my thoughts, ideas and just generally talk to people. I have to say, I am that person who types a reply to a tweet, decides I probably will just be an annoying person replying, delete the text and carry on browsing. I am quite socially awkward and I am convinced I am being annoying if I reply to people, so I am really trying to tell myself I am ok, and I can make conversation with like minded people on twitter and Instagram, its ok! 

3) Fashion posts
I love reading fashion blogs, and I feel so inspired by them, yet when I try to take OOTD pictures I look, and feel like an idiot! I really want to try and update my wardrobe, get better at the outfit posts and really showcase more of my style on here, although make up is my main passion, fashion is something I love from afar, and so I really want to incorporate it into my style more. I intend to shop better, and have outfits I want to showcase, as well as having the confidence to go out and take the pictures! My husband is great when it comes to taking the pictures for me and he happily clicks away and takes me more than I could ever need and really helps me get a few gems amongst many, many bad ones.

4) swatch pictures
I have a really hard time taking photos of products on my face, or swatching products and I know it is a key part of the review and people want to see what it looks like on the skin, or on the face, so I am really going to make this more of a focus and make sure it becomes a proper part of my blog photography prep. I know how important it is, and I just suck at the actual pictures, and well, the less pictures of my face the better for you guys... haha! But on a serious note, I am really going to up my game, I will get the photos and I will improve my reviews with better pictures to make them more informative. 

5) Prep
This is a side you guys don't get to see, but I want to be better at being in front with my blog posts. I have a lot of draft posts, but actual scheduled post? There isn't many of them about! So I plan to always be a week in advance, this will mean I have a bit of slack on the pressure of staying on top when I have a busy day, I will try to utilise time between leaving work and my husband getting home to work on my blog and make sure I am up to date with comments, and stats checking as well as prepping posts and all those kinds of things. I hit 1,000 posts on my blog recently and it felt like a really proud achievement, but I know I have so much more to share! 

If you have any constructive criticism on any changes you would like to see to my blog, I would love to hear them, or if you want to share what you are looking to improve or change on your blog then I'd love to know, I feel like blogs and ideas are forever evolving and changing and in another years time there will still be new things to add and things to improve on! 


  1. well done on hitting 1000 posts! I struggle with doing decent swatches too, I think it can be so hard! I am looking at doing a course in Jessops in May which is a level one camera course if you fancied joining me! xx

    1. Thanks hun, Swatches are so hard to get right, Im definitely thinking of doing a Jessops course so I'd be interested in looking into it more and see if I could do the dates available x