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Nottingham fashion week fashion shows

Being invited to the Nottingham in fashion catwalk show was such an amazing opportunity, seeing all the spring trends styled up and worn as full outfits has really kick started my spring wardrobe shopping obsession, and let me tell you, if I had endless amounts of money I would have bought basically everything I saw on the catwalk. Maybe I also ought to say that I apologise for how many photos you are about to see on this post, but I honestly love far too many outfits to narrow it down to a few! 

We met up in the market square where there was a Kiehls van that was set up in the centre and we were given some samples to have a go with and see how we got on. There was also a double decker bus which had a lot of beauty themed treatments going on throughout the day with different brands, however we didn't have chance to go on it as we were pushed for time, but it looked incredible.

We were ushered in to the Nottingham council house and were made to feel like fashion VIP's with designated blogger seating which was amazing, it was so nice to know we were prioritised to have front row seats and it was perfect to have such a great view of the outfits to photograph and get ideas for future outfits. 

The first show we saw was the campus to club show, this is designed for students and young people who want versatile outfits what can be dressed down for lectures and styled up for the club. They captured the key trends of the season in a way that was easy to wear and shown on both males and females, with plus sized models being incorporated into the show as well. I was so pleased to see the diversity in age and body shapes as I think sometimes catwalks can be too focused on thin models and not take into account other body shapes. 

 I love the way they paired the embroidered jumper with the tutu style skirt, the model wore it so beautifully with a bit of an edgy twist with the way she walked and the flat slip on trainers and I think it would make a lovely piece that could easily have a sparkly top added to it to make it evening/going out appropriate. I will definitely be looking out for these pieces, the jumper was Newlook and so was the skirt, it made such an great look and I do love a tulle skirt, I just never knew how to style them.

Florals and pinks are a big hit this spring summer and there are so many beautiful key pieces that are easy to wear and great to style up or down for a more casual occasion or a special event. The jeans and floaty top show a more laid back style while the trousers and off the shoulder floral could be work appropriate, and the dress is lovely for a casual dinner with friends or a date.

The check mate trend is huge this season, I even sported a gingham top to the fashion show, so I felt right on trend, and almost jumped up and strutted my stuff, but thought I'd better leave that to the professionals! The mix of clothing for this was fantastic, from tops with simple black and white gingham, to full on tartan style checks and even a vintage style dress, this was such a lovely one and one I know I will be wearing this season so I loved seeing it styled. 

Statement sleeves and ruffles have made a huge feature, and I love the way they work on simple shirts as well as on more structured things like the denim shirt above. Seeing these on is definitely the way forward, some trends are hard to see on the hanger, but they never give the full effect that you get when you see them on, and I think the statement sleeves are one to be seen on and I love they way they look. 

The show concluded with the models doing a final walk down the runway and posing at the end for a group photo. I was so in love with all the looks and definitely think I will be going to pick up a lot of new clothing from the high street the season ready to share what looks I am sporting over the next few weeks! 

We then got the opportunity to see the Style classics show later in the day and I thought this one was also amazing. Showcasing statement pieces that are classic and a true staple in your wardrobe. I love the way this gives so much inspiration and works on the pieces you may already own and how to update them with a few new things, or show what you can do to incorporate the new trends for the season in ways that are similar to what you already wear.

Statement shirts, and the dresses are a perfect way to wear something fun and with a touch of pattern and style to a work environment, I would be able to style these casually for weekends shopping, or I could wear this for work, without feeling like I was overdressed, or straying from the conservative dress code of my workplace. 

The classic men's suits were so stylish and I will be showing my husband them for his style inspiration, as I think he would quite like to see some suit inspiration and a nod to the spring summer trends, as he wears a work uniform 5 days a week, and I think it would be nice to give his wardrobe a nod to spring summer. I would never have thought this dress would be something I was drawn to, but seeing it on the model it is so beautiful and I think it would be so lovely for a summer occasion. 

The floral trend looks so stunning on all three of these female models, and shows the ways you can wear it, I love the printed trousers and its definitely something I would pick up, although I would feel a bit shy wearing them, so I need to be more brave with my fashion choices. 

Another great selection of dresses, the middle one would make a great wedding guest dress for a more formal wedding, or even a bridesmaid dress if it was to fit the colour scheme of the event, but it is so lovely. I think the left dress encompasses the floral and the sheer trend in a classic, intricate dress that will be a style staple for a lot of people as the summer draws closer. 

Again we see check mate, this time styled in a more classic, mature way, I love the idea of having a statement coat, I tend to go for standard black coats so they look simple and don't detract from the outfit I wanted to wear, but still compliment it some. I also love the shorter jacket, I get really cold, so even towards summer I can be very cold and sometimes need a jacket still so this would make a nice addition to my wardrobe while still being right in trend. 

The second I saw this dress, I knew I needed a picture, mostly just because I now need to find a good enough reason to buy it and I wanted to know I was getting this exact on, and then secondly because what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't share my favourite look from the catwalk with you all? I am currently in the process of hunting this down. I was convinced it was Ted Baker when I saw it, but maybe it cant be as I can't find it online, but I will continue to hunt and I will find it! 

Once again the models posed for the end of show group shot, sorry this is a little blurry, I was trying to Instagram stories the show and also take photos and this one was one that almost got away! But how amazing do they all look?! 

The shows are so good, they were way beyond what I expected and I can honestly say the models looked like they were having a great time, the clothes and styling was amazing, and I could watch them all over again! I have to say, walking on the catwalk seems like such a great thing to do and I hate to admit, but I would love to have the opportunity to walk on a catwalk one day, but I don't see it ever happening, so I will leave that dream here. I did however have a little pose on the catwalk once the models had finished and the room had cleared so maybe I'll post that over on Instagram in a few days, give you all a bit of a laugh! I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who was part of the show, it was incredible and I am definitely very inspired to go and hit up the high street and see what they have to offer and update my wardrobe with some new things! 


  1. what a fab show there are so many gorgeous spring looks xxx

    1. It really was lovely, I got so much style inspiration from the catwalk I can't wait to go shopping and pick out some key trends to update my wardrobe xx

  2. I can just imagine you getting up and strutting down the runway! I love the gingham trend though, so cute xx

    1. Haha I'll take that as a compliment! Gingham is one I love this season I am so excited about it! x