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Intu Victoria centre SS17 fashion event

The lovely ladies over at Intu Victoria centre invited some blogger girls along to an event celebrating the spring summer fashion event and showcasing the styles the shops have to offer. I was so excited by this with the new season fashion flooding into the shops as quick as it can, I am so ready to update my wardrobe for spring summer and get stuck into styling up some more spring appropriate outfits, especially now the weather is getting warmer. 

We met the everyone at the wonderful Caffe Rizzoli and were treated to prosecco on arrival and had chocolates brought to the table to share. Jeremy was there to greet us and was as lovely as ever, providing a warm welcome and offering assistance. A prosecco stop was much appreciated and a lovely way to start the event and get us all talking about what we we had planned.

We then moved down to the main area outside John Lewis and Boots where the fashion pieces were set out on a wall to display the trends and what to expect from the models. There were three models showing looks, a male model, a female model and a female model showing plus sized fashion. There was a great selection of outfits and they were really easy to see and understand what each trend was and how the pieces fit the collection. 

 First up we will look at the outfits that were displayed for women, then moving on to plus sized one too, there were men's clothing there too, but I think the women's clothing is what your hear to see and I don't want to make the post too long! The first look was one that could be transitioned from day to night, and looked lovely. This beautiful pink jumpsuit was styled for a beach day with a simple denim jacket, a lightweight scarf and a beach bag. it was a lovely outfit and I would never have thought to look at the jumpsuit had I not seen it on the model. 

 This was then transitioned to evening by removing the scarf, jacket and beach bag and replacing them with a simple blue clutch bag and a necklace, a simple way to go from day to night and a really quick change too if you are running from the office to an event and need to be ready quick! 

 The next dress was a beautiful floral style, lace/crochet looking top half with a simple black skirt. I love this dress and I know for a fact I could get a lot of wear out of it, so I think I might have to go and try it on and see if I can get along with it as I really think it would be valuable in my wardrobe. 

 This top and skirt combo was from River Island, and although I didn't catch where all the outfits were from this one was definitely River Island. I love the top on this one and it is one I would probably reach for if I was out shopping, yet I am sure I would have walked past the skirt, and if I did notice it, I wouldn't have considered it, however, the model wears it beautifully and really does sell the style, I don't think the skirt will make it into my wardrobe but it is a stunning piece that will look amazing on a lot of people this season.

The final women's look was a simple black maxi dress paired with a denim jacket, and one of the new watches from Swatch which are said to be the slimmest watches in the world, so if you hate wearing a bulky watch, this one may be for you! I love how simple, yet effective this look is, I think it is so easy to wear, you could jazz it up with a lovely pop of colour with a bag, or you could simply have your bikini underneath it if you are on holiday and will be by the pool! I think it is so effortless and flawless that I wouldn't feel intimidated to imitate the look.

Lastly for the women's fashion we have the plus sized look, this was so beautiful and again a look I would definitely style and wear. A purple cami gave the look a pop of colour, as did the purple clutch bag, which the dark three quarter trousers give the look a classic edge, and the light weight floaty jacket gives a nice pop of prints and floral to the look, with it all coming together beautifully. I definitely love this one a lot and would recreate it when the weather has warmed up a little more. 

 After the show we were presented with a style challenge, we were given a £20 gift card and a theme and we were challenged to find something from the shops in the centre with the money that fitted the trend. I got full on floral's and took floral as my theme, even if I didn't end up being full floral print it was still a lovely theme that I was excited to try and find. 

I headed into a few shops before spotting Quiz and diving in. I love the floral embroidered jeans but was determined to stay under budget and not go over. I knew they did some beautiful tops with the embroidery on and wanted to see what they had as I haven't been in for a while. There were a few things they had to offer and one of them was a black off the shoulder top with floral embroidered patches on the front. I fell in love and know it is one I can style up or down and get a lot of use out of in spring summer. The best part? It was in the sale and was down from £25 to £15! So not only did it come in under budget, I also had £5 left to pick out another item. 

I popped into river island and took a look at their jewellery, I saw a lovely choker and chains set that will look lovely with my tops for work and over shirts, so I am really excited to wear them too. Chokers is another trend I haven't really got on board with and so I am excited to test the water and try that out too. 

 After our style challenge, we met up at The handmade burger co. where we were treated to lunch and drinks. I opted for the American cheese burger with onion rings on, which was really delicious, a portion of fresh cut chips and a glass of coke to hydrate me. The burger was lovely and so were the chips, and I think I will be going back to take my husband who loves burgers! 

It was so lovely to catch up with everyone and see the lovely ladies at Intu as well as the other lovely bloggers who we often see at these events, I am so greatful to get the opportunity to go along to these events and experience all the fun things Intu put on for us bloggers, and we really do love spending time with them and doing all the fun things they set up for us! 


  1. Intu really do seem to have some lovely events for you. I really liked those outfits - the pink jumpsuit was particularly lovely and I'd certainly be tempted to try it on.

    1. They are really good, i love the jumpsuit although its a bit 'out there' for me lol! they had such a great style representation for spring xx

  2. I love the pink jumpsuit - where was it from? It looked like a really fun event, and to top it off with prosecco and food 😍😍


    1. Unfortunately I cant remember but I'm sure if you tweet intu they would probably have the answer! Maybe john lewis? but i could be wrong xx

  3. I am so upset I couldn't come to this it sounds like a fab day!! I love the dress you picked out it was gorgeous I am obsessed with embroidery! there are so many beaut spring looks out I want it all xxx

    1. Aww it would have been so nice to see you! I love the embroidery too, its such a nice way of incorporating florals in for spring x

  4. I'm so sad I couldn't come to this event, it sounded like a great day. one of my favourite outfits in the summer is a simple maxi paired with sandals and a denim jacket, so effortless! x

    1. It would have been so lovely to see you, I love maxi dresses too, such a great effortless style that works so well! x