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Wella Oil reflections shampoo

I am usually a matching shampoo and conditioner type girl, I love using conditioner and making my hair feel sleek, smooth and looking shiny. When I received this in my Look fantastic advent calendar I knew the only way to give this a fair test and review it with a deserving opinion was to simply just use shampoo for a few washes and see how it left my hair. It seemed like an alien concept, and one I haven't done for years as I try to make sure I use a good conditioner as my hair is quite damaged at the ends and so I want to make sure I am not doing anything to damage it further. So how did I get on?

The shampoo comes in a nice white bottle with gold and black logos and text on the bottle adding character without too much going on that might confuse the eye. I love the packaging and it definitely gives it a high end product feel. 

The product is a thinner clear liquid that is easy to dispense from the bottle and lather between the hands and hair to distribute through the hair evenly and properly. I find this is really easy to work into the hair and get it to lather up which is great as you can feel it distributed through the hair. 

When I have used the shampoo my hair feels soft and smooth while still wet and I know instantly it would feel great when dry. My hair was easy to work with and brush through while wet and it made it easy to manage while getting ready to blow dry it. My hair was left feeling so clean and so soft it was incredible, I don't remember my hair ever feeling this good from when I have just used shampoo in the past. One the website the product is described as a light moisturising shampoo which leaves the hair deeply cleansed and luminous. I definitely think this is the case and I am so impressed with the way this works that I would definitely look into the hair mask that goes along with the range as I have high hope for it after trying this shampoo. 

At £45.90 for 1L of product it is definitely s splurge, but if you were considering getting this then I would give it a go, you can find it here. I think this is steep for shampoo, but I do really like it and if I can hunt it down in a smaller size I may have to repurchase it! Or if you don't want to spend that much on the shampoo, the mask is 150ml and retails at £12.70 here and is definitely on my wishlist when I have worked through some more of my hair care shelf and got rid of some of the other masks I have been hording away! 

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