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The reading wishlist

This year I aimed to read so many books, I have so much on my wishlist and a few on my shelves ready and waiting to be read and enjoyed, I also told myself I am going to join the library this year and make it an affordable way to continually read and experience new books without having the cost of buying every book I read. I feel I have become so busy over this past few weeks and I know I need to set aside some time and get back into reading properly. 

I only have a select amount of books I have collected over the past few years to read and haven't got round to reading them yet, I have the four here and one I noticed in my room next to the book I last read. I have One day by David Nicholls, a more romantic story that I have been meaning to read for a long time but kept getting pushed aside as I bought new books and forgot about some of the older ones I had on my shelf. I then have two Jo Nesbo books, I got these as I loved the Stieg Larson trilogy and Jo Nesbo has been said to be the next Stieg Larson so I am so excited to read these. I haven't yet done so as I want to read these in the release order and I haven't got round to finding out which ones come first and where. I then have one called Before I wake, a story about a young girl who ends up in a coma. One I have had a long time on my shelf again and I sometimes over look it, the more personalised tragedy like stories are something I love to read, but have to be reserved for times I am 'in the mood' to read something a little more on the sad side. Lastly, I have the Divergent book, I have read and loved the Hunger Games, and the first in the Maze Runner series, so I think I will enjoy this one, I am currently in the process of listening to the Hunger Games books be read at work and so I don't want to start a similar style book, just so that I can mix it up a little bit, but I am excited to read this one. 

Also on my reading wishlist I was gifted a bookmark I had seen for Christmas and it has 50 books to read before you die on it. The list is a lost of classic books and ones that I haven't read. I am hoping to branch out and look at other genres and read more books over the coming years and really allow myself to be more educated in areas I don't usually look into. I want to read more classic books that have become staple, well known books to really expand on the experiences and imagination I have. I am also pleased that a lot of these books are ones I perhaps wouldn't ave chosen to read such as Lord of the Rings trilogy, I never thought it was my type of thing, but I am willing to give it a good go, and who knows I may love it! 

I love reading and this post has spurred me on to pick up a book tonight and give it a read while I relax in the bath tonight. I might give 'One day' a read and see how I get into that, so you can expect a review of it in the coming weeks once I have read it and composed my thoughts on it! 

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