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Soap and Glory Mist you madly

Soap and glory is a brand I will go to a lot for baht products and I have also used some of their skin care, but when it comes to scents I have quite a few perfumes which I always go to, and then the only body sprays I usually reach for are either in my gym bag as a quick fix freshen up or one in my locker to freshen up at work and keep myself smelling fresh and clean, especially if we have been in a cooking lesson where food smells can attach to you or science with a chemical experiment where a smell may linger. I have recently added this as my spray of choice at work in my locker as the current onne is on it way to being empty and will make a feature in my empties this month. So how do the Soap and Glory body mists hold up? 

The bottle is lovely, the pink gives it a girly twist and I love the way it looks either on my side or by my beauty stash. The bottle is really easy to hold an store due to the shape of it, and it is a really lovely size too, not overly tall, but also not too wide. 

The scent of the product is described as having fresh mandarin and bergamot oil mixed with cardamom oil. These combine with freesia and magnolia, resting on a bed of musk, sandalwood and vanilla. The scent is sweet and while I can't personally pull all the notes out the scent but it has a predominantly sweet scent that is really pleasant with a hint of floral notes but still very light and sweet. I love the scent and I am so pleased it is my current everyday perfume using 5 days a week at work. 

I use this daily and do find the scent lingers really well when I spray this, it lasts really well and although I get to go back to the office around every 2 hours I only ever top up the product if I have been in a cooking room and feel a smell has grabbed to me and is lingering on my clothing. I feel although this doesn't always smell like it is lingering on the clothes and skin but you can definitely still detect the scent on the clothing even if you can't fully smell it yourself. It definitely lasts well and doesn't leave me feeling like I may be worried I might smell strange if the scent has wore off. 

Having a body spray in my locker to use 5 days a week means I have to love it, I definitely love this one and I feel like it is so lovely. On the first day I used this as my go to body spray I got compliments on it from the people in the office that I work with, which really reinforces the fact that it smells lovely! I am so pleased this is my go to, and I really love this. I am so excited to keep using this and I feel great every time I spray it. 

At  £6.50 for 250ml it is on the pricier side for body sprays as I usually spend about £2 on one for my locker and as long as it smells decent I am not too fussy. This being said, this is quite indulgent feeling and is definitely leaning towards a perfume. I am definitely going to repurchase this one, I love the scent and it makes me feel so good and like I smell great which is also a great confidence boost! 

Have you tried the Soap and Glory body sprays? 

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