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Sleek Brow stylist pencil

Sleek is a brand I am slowly rediscovering over the beginning of this year, I had a set of the products for christmas and I was so excited to get stuck into the box and test them out. One of the products was the brow stylist pencil in Medium. I was quite glad this was the medium shade as I think this is the most suited to me and my brow colouring. I was really excited to give this a try as I am really enjoying branching out and trying more brow products to make my brows look good. 

 The pencil comes in a thin black pencil shaped tube that is easy to hold and work with. The packaging is all black and matte with a shiny Sleek logo printed on the end which is discrete but a nice touch to give it some branding. A small sticker on the end of the pencil tells you the shade colour. One end of the pencil is a spooly to brush through the brows and make sure they are combed into place, with the other end being the twist up brow colour that is really convenient as it doesn't require a sharpener.

The product is a sort of triangle shape in the packaging, a find point at the top of the product, with a flatter, thicker edge on the bottom giving versatility to the product and the way you can get a finer point or a thicker edge to get a more bolder look. I think the different edges work really well to give the product a lot of versatility and an advantage to create different looks. 

I really like the way the pencil works and although the colour for me is a little bit off and not quite the right shade to match my hair it is something that I can work with and I wouldn't let that stop me from buying this again when I have used it up if I decided I prefer this over all my other brow products throughout the time it takes me to use this up while trying some new products. 

At £6.49 this is a lovely brow pencil, the formula is easy to work with and looks really nice on the brows. It took me a few attempts to get used to the pencil as I am more used to the brow mascara products so took me a while to get used to a pencil form again. I really do like this product and have been reaching for it more consistently recently and I am really getting into the use of the formula more and making the colour work in contrast with my hair which is quite a nice brunette shade.

What is your favourite eye brow product? 

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